How are we equal

We come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Yet we are equal, because, we have human life, and all human lives are equal because we are all created in the image of God. We must therefore have utmost respect for every human life and love and serve them unconditionally. The Sanskrit word, “namaste”, means, I bow down before the divine that is within you. When we become selfish and proud we reject God. When we reject God we loose respect for human life. This leads to injustice and evil in the world. Since the most priced and beautiful creation of God is human life, it is the first target evil attacks. Since human life begins through conjugal love, evil attacks it through the instrument of contraception. Contraception makes conjugal love sterile. Since love always aims to be fruitful, removal of this intent through contraception removes love from conjugal union and converts it to a selfish act. Furthermore, since contraception goes against conception of a new life, it goes against human life. This makes people numb when they destroy human embryos during IVF or kill their babies in the womb through abortion. It also increases divorce, because without true love it is difficult to sustain marriage. This creates a secular culture devoid of true love, leading to abortion, euthanasia and murder. It also creates a culture that makes human being commodities for sexual pleasure.

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