How Are we Made in the Image of God?

If God is a formless deity with no physical body then how are we exactly made in his image?

The Catechism of the Catholic Church very beautifully speaks of man being made in the image and likeness of God in paragraphs 1701-1715. Basically, our souls possess the two spiritual faculties of intellect and will that make love possible. And because we are not pure spirits ourselves but a unity of both spirit and body, we can make the invisible, such as love, visible in the material world through our actions.

The only part of our body that is formless is our soul. At the moment of conception, we are infused with the soul and that is how we are like God. Also the potentiality of love is how we are in the likeness of God.

Our mind/soul, which is spiritual, forms the image.

And because we are and will remain finite beings, the human body is needed to express that image.


God Is a Being of Love in that Love is not an attribute of God but Is God’s Very Being.

Love is the “Image of God” that we are made in and when Love shines thru us then that is when the “Image of God” shines thru us.

We are made “to” the image of God. We approach God in having a intellect and soul.:slight_smile:

I always wondered why if we are made in God’s image, we all DON"T look He did??
I don’t mean all to be clones of eachother, that would not make sense. I was referring to our coloring or facial features.
Just a thought!

We have an intellect and a will, like He does.

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