How are we to worship God?

To learn what worship truly is and what it is not.

No deception is intended. I’m just trying to learn. :shrug:

What are those ways and what makes them ‘worship’?

If the second greatest commandment is like the first and each one of us is in the image of God, then I would think that loving your neighbor is a form of worshiping (loving) God. How am I wrong in this thought?


To love one another is to express love for God. I agree. But to love one another without keeping God at the forefront of our thought is meaningless. It’s God who puts meaning into loving each other as an expression of love for Him. That’s why the first of Jesus’ simplified commandments is love God with all your body, mind, and soul.

Adore God by acknowledging him as the One True God, the Creator, Savior, Lord and Master of every single thing that exists and as merciful and infinite Love.

Worship him by showing your Love in acknowledgement, respect, and absolute submission, recognizing your own nothingness that would not exist without God.

Love God above everything!
Love God by Obeying in His commandments. Serve God Only.
Love and accept yourself as a creation of God. Be humble and love your neighbor as yourself.
Lift up your mind and heart toward God in prayer, praise, thanksgiving, intercession and petition.
Unite ourselves with the suffering Christ offered on the cross.
Trust in Gods holy justice in all things.

***Love God with all your heart, soul and strength, above all else.

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