How are you celebrating the Triduum this year?

As above - how are you celebrating the Sacred Paschal Triduum this year? Are you going to all the main Triduum liturgies? Anything extra? Taking off work?

I’m mainly interested in those of the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church, but others are free to post their plans too.

My own answers will be in a separate post.

I plan to, as always, go to the main Liturgies:
Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday
Celebration of the Lord’s Passion on Good Friday
Easter Vigil Mass on Holy Saturday
Morning Mass on Easter Sunday

I’ll be serving on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, and sponsoring a catechumen at the Easter Vigil. I’ll stay for an hour of adoration after the Holy Thursday Mass.

I pray the Liturgy of the Hours anyway, but I’m also going to use the “extended vigil” for the Office of Readings on Good Friday and Holy Saturday, and actually pray all the “Little Hours” on Good Friday. I’ll attend Morning Prayer at the parish on Good Friday and Holy Saturday, and serve at Stations of the Cross on Good Friday.

In addition, I plan to extra-liturgically read Lamentations 1 Wednesday night, 2 Thursday night, and 3-5 Friday night - like in the office of Tenebrae in the old Breviary. Too bad that was removed from the Liturgy of the Hours. I’ll also sing the Te Deum on Easter Sunday (since there’s no Office of Readings that day).

All of my celebration will be in the Ordinary Form and modern Liturgy of the Hours. I’m taking off work Thursday afternoon and all day Friday.

I’ve always attended Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil at a Benedictine abbey that does it all in Gregorian chant.

I’ll do the same again this year, although Holy Thursday depends on whether I can off work early enough. Last year I worked from home and was able to get there without any problems but this year I have a new job and it’s a long way from both my parish and my abbey. But I will be there for Good Friday; on Holy Saturday morning our schola will chant Lauds at the cathedral, I will go to the Vigil at the abbey on Saturday evening, and Sunday I will go to an Anglican Easter service at my wife’s church.

Wednesday: Tenebrae at the Dominican House of Studies (I know, Wednesday is not yet part of the Triduum, but it’s an important part of getting in the proper mood)

Thursday: Mass of the Lord’s Supper at my home parish

Friday: Stations of the Cross at the Franciscan Monastery; Good Friday service at a TLM Parish

Saturday: Easter Vigil at the National Shrine

Holy Thursday (whatever that entails). All so new to me.

Good Friday early afternoon. -Good Friday at Reformed Church. Our choir is doing the Dvorak Requiem and other pieces at the service.

After service, I’m going to run and catch whatever I can of the words of the cross at OF mass and then the 3 pm mass.

Saturday Vigil – 8 pm - OF vigill. When that is done, if I have some energy, I’m also going to attend an 11pm TLM vigil.

Easter. - still trying to figure this out. I wanted to take my kids to a mass but they are strongly protesting that they are not catholic and don’t want to attend a “boring Catholic service.”

But I want us to attend church/ mass as a family so we shall see…

I always take the whole week off forr holy week except for wednesday so i am not rushed whe i attend the masses for the triudem.

Awesome idea.

I will:

  • Take all week off
  • Go to mass daily
  • Pray the full 20 decade rosary from wednesday to monday 25th.
  • Stations of the cross at Good Friday
  • TLM at sunday (24th eve)

A possible challenge could be the easter vigil, but my sponsor is having a nachtspiel after and i may be there (i do not drink alcohol) however before i could get a nightbus back home for some food-sleep before the high mass.

I’m assisting at everything at my cathedral. (aka, be at church by 11:00am every day to prep and rehearse with our 20+ seminarians who are also serving holy week)

It is a very busy week! I’m taking off school this week.

I’ll also mention that the music will be awesome for all of these. Our cathedral / diocesan Choir sings everything from chant to bach and mozart to hymns to polyphony! It will be glorious!

This will all be in the OF:

Monday - Sleep much of the day :smiley:
Tuesday - Chrism Mass
Wednesday - Tenebrae
Thursday - Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Friday - Celebration of the Lord’s Passion
Saturday - The Great Easter Vigil
Sunday - Mass of Easter Day

I’m going to do as much of it as I can, God willing: Holy Th. mass, Stations of the Cross on GF, confession if possible, Easter vigil; etc. Oh, and watch Gibson’s PASSION for the 4th time after HT mass.


Since people are mentioning the rest of the week (which is fine), I’ll add:
Daily Mass Mon-Wed (but, I go to daily Mass anyway)
I went to the Chrism Mass on this past Saturday
I served at the Solemn Palm Procession and Mass today.

All of this is at my home parish, except the Chrism Mass at the Cathedral, and Tuesday morning Mass at the Extraordinary Form chaplaincy.

I know there’s nothing obligatory about going to the Triduum liturgies… but I wouldn’t miss any of it for the world!

A priest whom I deeply trust has said, many times: “Unless you do the Triduum there is really no point to doing Lent.”


Mass Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after work. I haven’t decided if I’m going to come home Tuesday night and then head for the Chrism Mass at the diocesan cathedral (downtown, about twenty five miles from here.)

Thursday night Mass at my home parish (most likely) or the Tridentine church downtown, then church hop all the way home (if I go to Mass in the city.)

Good Friday observances at my home parish.

Easter Vigil at my home parish.

BTW–it’s about 8:30 PM in the Eastern US. Anybody notice the full moon rising?

I’m planning on going to the Chrism Mass for the first time this year. Then Holy Thursday and Good Friday at my parish. Then Easter Vigil to watch “my” 7 RE kids (as well as some adults) get baptized, confirmed and receive First Communion. Then most likely, I’ll go back sometime on Easter Sunday so I can go to Easter Mass without having to help make sure all the RCIA people are in the right place and such. :smiley:

We almost always go to Holy Thursday Mass and stations on Good Friday. We don’t always go to the vigil Mass–it depends on when ds is an altar server, choir schedules, etc. We always take the day off on Good Friday, and the kids are out of school.

I am going to miss Holy Thursday this year. There was not easy way to take off. This is my first miss in ten years. Oh well. Friday through Easter I am off and will attend the rest. Triduum is extremely important, but unfortunately, not all can make the whole thing. I still think I will go to practice Monday for Thursday Mass just to help out.

On Good Friday, many of us who were involved with the 40 Days for Life will meet in the morning at the local abortuary to pray. I hope our prayers will do some good. That place is a “Golgotha” in our city.

My husband and I are going to St. Louis and we’ll do the Easter Vigil at the Cathedral! I’m really looking forward to this!

This year we are doing the entire Triduum at the FSSP parish in Seattle. We have reserved a room at a nearby motel.

I was so moved by the Good Friday service last year that I made myself a promise that I would be there for the whole thing this year.

So far my health has held stead-fast and everything seems to be working out well.

Monday…going to work…and daily Mass…there isn’t a daily Mass at my home parish on Monday so I might as well go to work and catch the noon Mass there.

Tuesday…working from home…Noon Mass…maybe confession if there is time

Wed…confession…evening Mass…we’ve been going every Wed night…it won’t seem right to miss this one…even though I have relatives coming in from out of town…I’m having someone else pick them up.

Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday…yes…and I know we are not supposed to elebrate on it but my husband and I were chosen to have our feet washed.

Celebration of the Lord’s Passion on Good Friday…You bet…

Easter Vigil Mass on Holy Saturday…of course…I will be confirmed and my husband will be confirmed and have his first Holy communion…so many people have been so supportive and are going to the Vigil to show us their support…

Morning Mass on Easter Sunday…would not miss it!

Both my husband and I are taking Wed-Sun off work. Good Friday is my “furlough” day…meaning unpaid day off…seems fitting!

Bravo! We have no abortion mills down here (within 150 miles); must be because of all the penance we do!!!:slight_smile: Keep up the good fight!

My husband and I are going to St. Louis and we’ll do the Easter Vigil at the Cathedral! I’m really looking forward to this!

Double Bravo!! The STL Cathedral is awesome!!!


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