How are you---personally---sure the Catholic Church is the Church of Jesus Christ?


I hope, as I sure every Catholic does, that the Catholic Church is truly the Church Jesus instituted.

Sometimes I struggle with the faith, on what we as Catholics believe.

What makes you confident that the Catholic Church is the Church of Jesus Christ, the one he instituded, the one he said the Holy Spirit would be with?


Well, my undergraduate degree is in history.

And when I study history I see:

  1. The early Church Fathers were unarguably Catholic.
  2. The doctrine and practices of the Catholic Church are present in the very early Church.
  3. Protestantism wasn’t around for some 1500 years – so where are its roots?


by study of history, secular & religious for since the Church was started long before any of us were around we have to rely on history! you can study the writings of the early church fathers most of thier letters are not that long.try Another thing that comes to mind is would the followers of the Catholic religion stand true to the religion in face of torture and death if they had doubts?


Well, I’ve always felt it was more or less common sense. I mean, in the beginning, there was only one Church. When the first split happened (with the East), it was more a political thing than a doctrinal issue as with Martin Luther. In the interim, the various heresies that cropped up were all adequately refuted by the Church fathers. So I’ve always thought of it as a common sense thing because if you’re Catholic, you can’t trace the roots of the Church back to anyone else except Jesus, whereas other Christians can trace their churches back to someone (not Someone) - Luther, Calvin, etc.

Also, Tradition - which is so important for Catholics - was important for all Christians for 1,500 years.

Additionally, it has always been the Church that has been the guardian of sacred Scripture. The Church has never allowed just any “Tom, Rick or Harry” to pop up with their own re-write, translation or interpretation of the Bible. When I read the Bible, I never have to worry about who translated it and if there was some “agenda” that went into the translation (as long as I use a Catholic Bible :wink: ).

Put it all together, and I can’t see how the Catholic Church could not be the true Church instituted by Christ.


Well, I wouldn’t want to brag or anything like that, but I know it’s true because Saint Patrick told me many-times-great-grandfather it was true.:smiley:


99.99% sure.


What other claimants are there?

Every other Christian denomination is simply too late to be the Church Christ founded, or has disappeared over the millennia. One stands----the Catholic Church.

Every other denomination practices theology by subtraction based on her, losing fidelity over time just as duplicates relative to an original do. Most whittle down the sacraments; most whittle down Scripture; some whittle down liturgy or pastoral care or community; others whittle down tradition or magisterium; still others whittle down faith or hope or charity. All that whittling diminishes the Church.

Those are the historical and ecclesiastical reasons I’m a Catholic, but there’s a more fundamental reason: Christ abides in the Catholic Church in a very tangible fashion where he does not in my experience in the others. I’ve tried a large number of them; haven’t felt the presence of Christ in any of them. That’s going to sound harsher than intended—this is simply my personal experience.

Only the Catholic Church appeals to the full person—reason, emotion, sensation. When my wife and I attended the Pentecostal Church, they pooh-poohed reason in favor of emotion with regularity—don’t think too much, don’t read too much, etc. When I was Episcopalian, the emphasis seemed to be more on the sensation of the liturgy—the music, the flow—than on thought or emotion. When we were attending a Methodist church, it was heavy on sensation, so-so on reason and emotion. And so on.

The Catholic Church alone has, for my wife and I and no doubt many of our fellow Catholics, spoken to all of these. I feel whole here.


Only a handful of Churches even claim to go all the way back to the apostles. Of those, the ECF’s seem to me more Catholic than anything.

How could any human institution last this long?


I haven’t read any of the other responses, so excuse me if I repeat.

I was raised RC and left the Church for many years. I never joined any other church because, 1) I wasn’t angry at the Catholic Church and 2) Nothing else I looked at seemed any closer to the truth than the RCC.

When I came back to the Church it was largely due to my wife’s illness (ALZ) and the desire to help her and I get right with the Lord. However, since my return I have become convicted of the Church due to it’s continuity, and authority. In addition there is it’s incredible ability to, not just survive and right itself, but also retain it’s message and mission, and unity.

Most any other Christian Church is going to be a split from catholicism and thus does not have the historical continuity.

Add to all of this the fact that the Bible, that most basic part of protestant christianity is, in fact, a catholic book. Researched, compiled, protected, defended, translated, preached, and interpreted for a thousand years by the Catholic church before Luther came along. Came along and changed it. Removed 7 books and parts of 2 others. Yet these same Bible based Christians will declare that the Bible is the unalterable word of God - At least they think it is AFTER they altered it.

For the first 400 years of the church, there was no Bible, and that Church was Catholic.



100 percent convinced. Amen and Amen - thank you Jesus. Thank you. Your graces are tangible - thank you Lord Jesus.
Jesus has held me in His hand though many times and even leaving the Church and bible punching. Even they the protestants have the Lord Jesus amongst them obviousy - but my friend - you want to feel Jesus in your life then follow the laws of the Church. Go to confession, receive communion and live your Christian life and you will become possessed by the Holy Spirit.
LIVE your Catholic life. Do you go to gym at night then down 10 Big Macs and expect to slim up? Well dont expect to attend mass once a week, confession once a year and drink and get with the girls and expect anything but to feel the weight of those Big Macs. (personal testimony)

Any half shot is no shot at all


ALL of the above (and more).
I stake my eternal soul on it. :thumbsup:


History overwhelmingly supports Catholicism.
Catholicism most closely resembles the early Christian worship experience [Liturgy, Sacraments, etc ].
Many, many early Popes and Bishops were martyred.
Mary is most honored by Catholics.
One always leaves Mass … pumped with inspiration.
One always looks forward to the next Mass.
Catholic Priests/Bishops are God’s finest examples of true disciples.
Recent Popes and proclamations are w/o blemish.
The best thinkers in Protestanism … are converting to the Faith.
Protestanism is faltering … Catholism is reforming to meeting the challenges of World headon.
The Church has no racial prejudice, & none has more Universal appeal to all mankind.
No Church values women/children/family more highly … except Mormons
Catholics seldom if ever compromise their priciples
No Church accepts the totality of scripture as well, and none possesses the Traditions of Christ & Apostles except it.


+1 for that!

I left the Catholic Church for 15 years because i just didn’t “get it” or “need it”. I came back 2 years ago because I wanted to raise my kids Catholic.:rolleyes: Now, it just makes all makes perfect sense - the Eucharist, faith and works (faith working through love), the sacraments, Peter the Rock, Mary and on and on. I love it all. :bowdown2:

It’s the history. If you want to know what happened at an accident, who do ask? Someone who witnessed it or someone who came along 1500+ years later and said “No, this is the way it really happened.” Sorry, the ECFs trump Luther et al. any day of the week!

And let’s not forget: the people. In “real life” and here on CAF that LOVE their Catholic faith.:extrahappy:


My Mom told me, and she was right on!!:wink:


What really got me is when People question my faith, So i have to find out the answer. Now in my mind I know it, but I must find scripture to help confirm it. And guess what the Catholic Church has always come out on top.

Even when people try to trick me there is someone either on here, or I find it on my own, or i even have to go to the Church. But the Church is alway RIGHT ON!



I’d have to say it is multi-faceted.

One is the History. No other Christian faith can compare with the historical “Pedigree” of the Catholic Church.

Second is The Gospels. The longer I look at The Gospels as they relate to the Church the more convinced I become of the total truth of the Church as God’s instrument on Earth.

Third is Doctrinal integrety. Doctrine is the result of 2000 years of the work of the Holy Spirit in the Church. The fact that the Church never hurries doctrine, but studies and prays, debates and prays, investigates and prays before releasing any new documents or teachings tells me that these are people who take their responsibilities seriously.

Fourth is the Church’s Honesty - She has had serious trouble over the years, and has not been destroyed. What more beautiful and telling proof can we have of the divine protection of the Church.

Fifth is the Mass - It is Awesome!!!



Right On:thumbsup:


i haven’t read many responses but i know as i was converting i longed for the Eucharist and when i was finally able to recieve, it gave me so much strength and still does! i can’t imagine life now without the Eucharist or confession. so much joy out of both Sacraments.


Please excuse the length of this - it just touches a real soft spot in me. :blush:

I spent years (20 of them) surfing through the denominations. I found that almost all of them had a piece of the Truth that seemed to sustain it. BUT, whenever I found one piece of the puzzle somewhere (how I looked at things at that time - a puzzle) something else important was dropped. :banghead:

Reason led me to the point of - If there is One God, then there must be One Truth, God said He will never leave us or forsake us - so then there must be One Source, One Church that is His.

Reason then told me that - any church that claimed to have the Truth then must be whole, not scattered all over the place (have you ever seen how many - for example - Baptist churches there are?).:bigyikes:

That eliminated a lot of potential churches. After going online and using a site that had comparisons between the various churches, I picked and chose and followed my experiences to decide what it was I believed. None had everything.:banghead:

After awhile I was ready to give up altogether - The Bible and Me was my result. But, in the interest of going through all the possibilities I looked into the Catholic Church - telling God first that “this is it - if I don’t find you here, I quit and it’s me and the Bible” I was seriously considering starting my own church :eek: one of many I guess.

Well, after all that - here I am, firmly entrenched in the Church. :extrahappy:

What a long strange trip it’s been - with a wondrous, impossibly rich result. Sometimes I forget about all of that. I forget about how lucky I am to have been led to this, His Riches found in the Catholic Faith.:bowdown:

Then I find threads like this and I remember again how I felt there was no hope. Who knows what the result would have been had He not lead me here. Would I have lost all hope and Faith?

Thank-you Lord for your gift, and all the riches Your Church has to offer for our Salvation. :signofcross:

Peace and all that is good



I should have mentioned this as well. My problem was I am a cradle catholic and so growing up with the Mass and communion, I just didn’t really get it. After being away for 30 years I came back.
Talk about feeling like the Prodigal Son!!!
So much richness there that I didn’t even realize that I missed.
Then I went to the Mass and communion in the EF again and the whole beautiful, rich history of our Church flooded in.
Oh how glorious it is to be home.


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