How attached is "too" attached?


So it’s unhealthy to us, spiritually, to become too attached to worldy things. True happiness is found through Jesus. I firmly believe this.

But how attached is “too” attached?

I sometimes find myself getting a bit distraught when I try and answer this question. I’m a teenager, so naturally I like music, fashion, etc. But at times I feel guilty for simply really enjoying a band that isn’t a Christian band or wanting to buy new clothes. Along with feeling guilty, I feel ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with liking wordly things…is there?


I was a teenager during the late 60’s and the 70’s.

The music that exists today had its roots in the Rock, Blues, Pop and Metal of that time.

A lot of the fashions we are seeing today are a repeat of the 70’s fashions.

Conversion of the heart (which is a daily thing) prompts us to “let go” of certain “enjoyments” of our youth. By the Lord’s grace - I let go of many things while I was still young and so, my faith is deeper and stronger now to combat the wickedness and snares of the devil and his demons.

As it concerns attachment…???

There was a saint, several centuries ago, who had a vote of poverty (among other things) his sole possession was a wooden cross which he held to his chest.

One day someone asked him for this cross…and with much pain he surrendered it to the person that asked.

Hold on to the good things and enjoy them. But not beyond the ability to “let them go”.


too attached would be anything direspectful to god, anything that you put ahead of god and anything that draws you away from god


Anything that does not keep you attatched to God is an attatchment you should be detatched from.

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