How bad have I messed up?-need some help here


Ok this has been a very rocky road to Catholicism. Full ofterrible temptations and struggles. Nkw i think i might be close to ready to become Catholic come easter vigil (83 more days). But there is one thing…i went through a kinda spiritual struggle with anti Catholic claims that lasted from October till now. Such as the whore of babylon bejng the Rcc (i know all these claims are false now) the pope being the antichrist…(i thought and said terrible terrible terrible things about the pope).and the Church being well (no offense i do not believe this) evil. And just all the seventh day adevntist claims…now i know now that all these things are false. And that the Catholic Church is the true Church…but i did go through a long period wheere i thought i might believe or did believe some of these things. Im now just knda ashamed for even thinking or even considering these things… :frowning: now with easter quickly approaching ths Church feels unnaproachable…what do i do? Is everything ok? Also i still struggle with these things sometimes. Have i ruined my chances of becoming Catholic?? Sorry if any of this was offensive…i didnt mean it to be


If struugling with Chruch teachings ruins your chances of becoming Catholic, I know many cradle-Catholics who should no longer be Catholic!! :eek:

We all struggle, it’s part of being human.
IMHO, I think that you, based on many of your posts here, need to say away from the internet, at least for now, in your quest to learn more about Catholicism. If I were you, I would be bringing these questions to my sponsor, the RCIA director or the priest and not to anonymous people on the internet who do not know you.

Peace be with you on your journey. :slight_smile:


It seems that you are in a better position to become Catholic than before. You have to ask yourself if you can accept the teaching authority of the Catholic Church. It is not necessary to understand everything of the faith perfectly, but it is necessary to give assent to the faith. It is good to remember that it is God that makes the first move towards us and that makes it possible to say “I do renounce Satan, and all his works, and all his promises.”


…what Oneofthewomen said…

When people with working brains hear false claims made against the Catholic Church they process those claims to see if they are true. That act of “processing” can take some time if one doesn’t have all the facts. You took the time and came to understand that those claims were not true.


You’re fine. You will have Reconciliation before you are Confirmed and all of this will be taken away by Jesus. Jesus came here for you, just as you are. The Holy Spirit will heal whatever needs to be healed. We welcome you Home, Maegan.


I think it is very courageous of you to have went so far as to prove yourself wrong about all the bad claims. You would be a great Catholic because you take the time you need to seek the truth instead of having a one sided mind like many. You are obviously open to truth and that is as good as it can get. Do not give up, there are answers for just about everything. I will be happy to have another brother or sister in god’s family. it is not sinful of you to have temptations to think about those claims, you are not the inventor of those claims, but someone has obviously taught you the claims, you are not at fault for hearing those claims and believing them. All the best of luck in your RCIA!


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