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I have had this experience a few times in the recent past. First, As a Lenten practice, I prayed the rosary every day. When Lent ended I did not pray it each day, but was reminded to continue praying daily. Upon the start of my first recitation I had an overwhelming sense of grief and dispair, with a brief vision of a woman struggling with her decision to aborted her child. This gave me pause to contemplate it, I again began my rosary, and again had a brief vision of a man entering a shelter and felt an overwhelming sense of his grief and despair over his life circumstances and his need to provide for his family. A third time, I began my rosary and had a brief vision of many silhouettes roaming in silence pictured under a quiet stone bridge/overpass seemingly unaware of those around them, maybe lost within themselves. I saw this as those struggling with drug addiction. This vision had no overwhelming emotion to it. It was overtly lacking emotion. After contemplating these visions and the emotions carried with them, I decided that I was being shown those people that my Rosaries were helping. I feel very blessed to have received these and was wondering if these my be considered one of those signal graces promised by Our Blessed Motherq for saying the Rosary? Since that day, on two separate occasions I have had similar experiences, without visions but with very brief overwhelming feelings of loneliness, that I take as an opportunity to say a prayer for lonely souls.


They need your prayers, KEEP PRAYING THE ROSARY DAILY!

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