how big are the devils

I wonder if they are as big as angels the angel in revelation stands on a mountain and a sea so he must be gargantuan how could a devil wrestle with him or are they as big but how do they get in the house if they are so massive?

Angels and demons don’t take up space at all. They’re not made out of matter. They’re spirits.

How big are your temptations?

According to this gentleman, the demon he encountered was 13 feet tall. :

Perhaps the greater the sin(s) the bigger ‘they’ come. So keep your sins simple, small and venial so you don’t need to find out. Life is tough enough without having to “look up” to the devil or his little minions. Don’t forget the old adage, “The bigger they come, the harder they fall.” Take away the devil’s growth hormones so he can not flourish. :slight_smile: Peace

If someone should have a vision such as that, if it were true and God allowed it…it does not mean that the demons are not spirits. It is how God allowed it to be presented to the person.

And, we need to be very wary of such things that other people said they saw. The Church is aware that we can be led astray by others to say things and impress vulnerable people, which then can sway them away from the truth.

It took many years for approved private revelations to be investigated and then be proclaimed as okay to be believed. Obedience to the legitimate authority of the Church is important to our spiritual well-being.

Almost all the angelic manifestations we read of in scripture, and the majority of them concerning supernatural events which have been approved by the Church involve something we perceive with our eyes physically . . . though they do not have any physical body, angels, when they appear to us almost always take on a human-like form, and with hands:

When St Michael the Archangel appeared to St. Gregory the Great as he was in procession along the Tiber on Feb 7, 590:," At the conclusion of the vision, the great pope witnessed Saint Michael sheathing his sword."

At Nativitas, Tlaxcala,Mexico in 1631 after Diego de San Lazaro had not heeded St Michael’s instructions from a previous apparition and fallen ill as a result , he states that St Michael "took him by the hand" to lead him to the miraculous spring St. Michael had told him of :“Rocks and branches split apart as he passed, clearing a path for us. As we reached a certain spot, I saw Saint Michael holding a golden staff topped with a cross.”

In Chapter 12 of the Book of the prophet Hosea , it is confirmed that the “man” Jacob* wrestled with* in Chapter 32 of Genesis, is an angel.

Author Janice T. Connell was granted an interview in person with Sister Agnes Sasagawa of Akita for her book Meetings With Mary. Sister Agnes’ personal recollections are incorporated into the text. In the book, Sister Agnes describes the first apparition of her guardian Angel as a “huge Angel.”

In the third apparition of the Angel of Peace to the children at Fatima ," . . . he appeared holding a chalice in his hands, with the Host above it, from which drops of blood were falling into the sacred vessel. . . After this prayer, the angel proceeded to give the children Holy Communion."

In each one of those apparitions, one could not fail to be given at the very least, a remote notion/concept of physical of size. When Jacob “wrestled” with the angel, the size of the physical manifestation of the angel in relation to Jacob would have to have been similar. In a like manner the Angel of Peace at Fatima held a chalice and gave Holy Communion to the children. If the children recognized the chalice , we would assume that the physical manifestation of the Angel would have been commensurate in size.

Yes - angels do not have physical bodies per se , but their apparitions do need to convey physical notions, otherwise we might not be able to recognize them.

We might also recall that,after the General Judgment

The damned will suffer in both mind and body, because both mind and body had a share in their sins. The mind suffers the “pain of loss” in which it is tortured by the thought of having lost God forever, and the body suffers the “pain of sense” by which it is tortured in all its members and senses.

@boomerang : I watched the whole video. Technicalities aside, it’s quite a story.

But, incorporating what Dorothy has posted, say for the sake of argument that what Lance Corporal Shawn Weed experienced was genuine. It is what he perceived that he is describing . . .as it appeared to him. He doesn’t say anywhere that he took a tape measure and measured anything (actually at 38:45 he says pretty well the opposite). He is trying to describe - both in proportions of size,color, power and speed how it all appeared to him. Personally, I would be very surprised if the demons could only travel at “80 to 100 miles an hour” (42:58) : If that were true, we could just hop on a plane to get away from them, (and give St. Michael a break ,:slight_smile: )

An angel is wherever his intellect and will are focussed, so he can “travel” at the speed of (angelic) thought. Damned fast!!! :eek:
His intellect and will are powerful enough to generate an image for the seer.

Thank you for all the examples you gave in your excellent post.

Thank you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

Demons ARE angels so you are simply talking about fallen angels vs angels.


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