How can a fallen-away Catholic return home?

I am a cradle-Catholic who fell out of the Church at the age of 6 and became an agnostic. Now, sixteen years later, I have rediscovered my faith but I am lost on the way home. What are the steps needed for a fallen-away Catholic of my situation?

If you fell away from the faith at age six, it is likely that you were not entirely culpable for your actions. More than likely, your home situation was not conducive to being raised in the faith. So please do not judge yourself too harshly; just give thanks for the grace of conversion and repentance that you have been given.

Since you fell away at six, it is also likely that you did not receive first confession, First Communion, or confirmation. I recommend scheduling an appointment with your local pastor to discuss how you can be prepared for and complete those sacraments. If by some chance you did complete the initiatory sacraments, then all you need to do is to go to confession.

Welcome home! :slight_smile:

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