How can a non-entity such as evil be so influential in this world?

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I have some questions here if you don’t mind. They arose after reading The City of God.

How can a non-entity such as evil be so influential in this world?

I mean, how did Lucifer become evil in the first place?

Basing from the fact that, in the absolute beginning of everything, including the angels, God created everything good and perfect, my question is that how can even the faintest idea of ‘‘rebellion’’ even enter the mind of a perfectly good spirit like Lucifer?

It was Satan’s pride. The pride that made him say he was greater than even God and he fell and through his pride caused 1/3 of the other angels to follow him.

Pride goes before the fall.

Yes, I have noticed that too, but I’m afraid I still havent grasped the idea of where that pride came from.

If turning away from God is brought about by a God-given free will, then isnt there something wrong with free-will itself?

According to St. Thomas Aquinas, evil could only be allowed if it would be a greater good to bring good out of it. So, therefore, God allows evil to bring a greater good out of it–and I think salvation history demonstrates this point.

No, because free-will means the freedom to do what one chooses. Without that we would be wholly incapable of loving or rejecting God. That’s my take on it anyway.

Evil is the absence of due good. You could say the absence of God. As the world turns away from God, is it any wonder we see evil in the world?

I see now.

How ridiculous my questions were!:smiley:

When I was a boy we had the problem of bullies stopping you in the street. They would maybe punch you, often call names, occasionally try to get some item.
I knew that adults never behaved like that, and longed to be adult.

Unfortunately, now I am an adult, that particular problem has gone away, only to be replaced by ones much worse. Adult bullies are often after your job, not just some pocket money.

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