How Can An Atheist Be Happy?

Hey CAFers,

How can an atheist be happy since all happiness comes from God?
Thank you for your answer! :slight_smile:

Threads on atheism are strictly prohibited here. This thread may get locked. It may have been better to ask may be “How can some one be happy without God” since that would present your question without mentioning atheism. Though some would argue that regardless of one’s theological standing God is still involved in their life. Another possible better wording could be “How can some one be happy without believing that God exists.”

I’m sorry! :eek: I didn’t know that! I wasn’t trying to single our atheists, but ask how can one be happy without the love of God in their lives.

As long as anyone lives, God’s grace is open to them.
All good we do comes from God whether some of us are aware of this or not.
God bless you :slight_smile:

They pump themselves full of drugs in order to create a synthetic euphoria.


I know a number of non-Christians (some who practice a religion, some who don’t) and they all seem pretty happy to me. I don’t think religion - Christian or otherwise - has much to do with happiness. I’ve suffered from depression for many years, so people could have said about me (and maybe did!): “Look how unhappy she is. It must be terrible to be a Catholic.”

I haven’t been depressed for well over a year now. I don’t credit the Catholic Church, per se, tho I do think St. Pauline Visintainer (patron saint of diabetics) had something to do with my finding the right nutritional information to successfully combat my depression and health problems.

I have several atheist and agnostic friends who are pretty happy with their lives. I’m pretty sure it’s because they distract themselves with worldly things like girlfriends (most of my friends are guys), good food, funny T.V., video games, etc., instead of focusing on God and religion. My agnostic friends consider every religion and belief, and none of them really care about the afterlife. As far as they are concerned, whether it’s Heaven or Nirvana or Elysium or nothing, they’re at eternal peace. Their loss, not knowing the love of God, as far as I’m concerned. :shrug:

I also know some people that do not believe in God, and they seem to be very content happy people from what I can see, both of them are pretty successful, have good kids and seem to have happy marriages. I dont know how this is possible, but if I know 2, Im pretty sure there are many others out there just like them.

Actually I know more christian people who have troubled lives LOL doesnt really make much sense.

Yeah, I’m sure there are happy and unhappy people in every belief system. I know many sad atheists and happy Christians, and I’m sure there are thousands just like them. Perhaps the unhappy Christians you know have problems outside their religion?


I don’t think a lot of them are. :shrug:

happiness can be a superficial emotion. It depends on what you mean by happiness? The better question would be why aren’t more people of faith happy?

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