How can God be so creul?


Buffalo has a point. I know at least two boys under the age of three who have not talked about wanting to be a girls, but the games and the toys they chose are girl things. I am close enough to both of them to know they were not brainwashed.

I also knew people when I was growing up who were born with both sets of sex organs. In those days the doctors did corrective surgery with no idea which sex was really the dominant one. Fortunately in todays world they can test the genetic material and make the correct assessment before cutting.

It may sound harsh, but God said after he created that it was “Very good.” He never said perfect. And for you nay sayers out there there is electro encephlagraphic and brain mapping data that shows that the brains of men and women are quite different one from the other. That some children would be born with the wrong “wiring” should be no surprise. That does not mean by any stretch of the imagination that I would use such data to justify homosexual activity. I have sympathy for them because sex can be a heavy cross enough for normal men and women.


There is no sin in “feeling” as the child does. But if the child ACTS on their inclination, in such a way as to be a sin, then THAT is what is “hated” by the believer.

The (sinful) ACT of the child is VERY small, if not non-existent, until AFTER the child IS a child.

The “mental anguish” (of the child and the adults) is the result of SOMEBODY misinterpreting the simple fact that the child has “same sex attraction”, which could CERTAINLY have been directed into a healthy “path”.

Any interpretation of the actions of children as “gay” (male or female) is a BAD interpretation, and in fact evil, as it implies a “wrong” where none is.

I love the Queer-Eye guys, as REALLY productive creative fabulous people, and they should be treated as if they don’t sin in the bedroom (if in fact they do),… but if they DO sin in the bedroom, then that sin IS hated because it’s not good for them, and not good for other people involved with them.

Children shouldn’t be “bothered” by ANY sexual issue, and if they ARE, then there’s some “outside influence” that is highlighting and “making a problem” of the issue.

That “outside influence” is evil, and needs to be hunted down and eliminated.


I am disabled and never once did I think God made a mistake. As I get older I need more help, still God did not and never does make mistakes. It’s the blasted society that gets everything wrong.

Do well not to believe liberal lies, the MSM hates God


She, if she is a physiological female, was not “born male”.

She was born, and grew up, as a female who, apparently, “likes” female persons more than male persons yet likes to think of herself as a male person when she clearly isn’t.

She is not “transgendered”,… she has concluded that she likes what she likes.

If she does sinful things because of her conclusions (choices), then that is also her choice.

She has no need to feel BAD about ANY of her choices, other than the choices that are sinful.


“Armchair theodicy”

Heh. Yeah, tell that to the child who finds herself in such a situation.

Watch that link (the story that the OP is talking about, I believe), then come back here and talk.

(This one: )


By the way, this isn’t about homosexuality. At all.


What’s the MSM?


No, I saw all the stuff the media puts out. Then the child sees the parent worry and begins to think those things. There were never poop like this before liberal America MSM got a hold of every imagined thing and said everyone had something.

Why a decent visit to the woodshed would cure a multitude of ills.


MainStream Media. Your CNN’s, MSNBC’s stuff like that, mostly all save for FoxNews.


You’re advocating that I speak to a child in the same manner I speak to adults? That I should sit a child down and explain the futility of engaging in theodicy when what the child needs is professional help? Do you actually have a point other than belittling folks?

How do you know I didn’t watch the link? Do I need to watch the link in order to comment? Do I need your permission to comment, or your instructions regarding the acceptable parameters in which comments can be made? Again, do you actually have a point other than belittling folks?

– Mark L. Chance.


Glad to hear that, I suppose.

“Gender identity issues” are not an issue for children who haven’t been abused in some fashion.

Tomboys and Fashion-Toms aren’t “anguished” about their self identification unless someone is abusing their sense of their being “whole” for who they are.

If the child is male, and “feels” female, and people won’t let them be “who they are”, then that child is being abused. Same with the other gender.

This misinterpretation of reality, that these people, these children who are as they are, aren’t “perfect in their creation” and should be the other gender, is what drives same sex attraction (a non-sin) INTO same sex intercourse (a sin).

That is where so-called “homosexuality” comes into play,… as a consequence of “liberal” (mis)interpretations of people as they are.


I think for this thread it would be most appropriate that people watch the report in question, before commenting. Then they know exactly what they are commenting on, its rather touching and very well done and makes many comments already posted void…

From reading the posts i think its more of a lack of understanding of the actual topic. Its about an 30-40 min or so of a report , but they do a good job, although often i found the reporter to be pushing in a certain direction.


Now i’m intrigued, what disability do you have and how is it societies fault that you have said disability?


(portion of text deleted to save space)

I can relate.

When I was three or four years old, long before I had learned about sexuality or gender issues :rolleyes: I used to tell my older brother that when I was born, I came out a girl, but had to go back into my mother and came out a boy.

BTW, IMHO, God is not cruel, humans who hate those who are different can be very cruel.


I guess it boils down to even further lines. How come some of us are forced to suffer, weather it is where we are born to who or how. Some of us are ridiculously poor and as children have to go through dumps searching for valuables or pickpocketing tourists to survive. Are we then sinners because we wanted to survive.

People are born into all different kinds of situations in the world. Why are some born so favored and some born to so much suffering. Why is the salvation of our souls such an unfair trail.

Some are born into catholics others to staunch Muslims, with all these inconsistencies hardly seems a fair way to judge our soul. I mean i am who i am because of the way i was born and because of my parents.

I have no doubt in my mind that i would be a Buddhist had my father (Buddhist) said the children shall be raised Buddhist, I’m sure i would be. But he didn’t mind and we were raised to my mothers faith (catholic).


My point is that you’re forgetting the children that this whole thing is actually about. Theodicy means nothing to these children, even though they’re exactly the issue that it deals with. The theology is meaningless in the light of thier struggles.

No, I saw all the stuff the media puts out. Then the child sees the parent worry and begins to think those things. There were never poop like this before liberal America MSM got a hold of every imagined thing and said everyone had something.

Why a decent visit to the woodshed would cure a multitude of ills.

You’re quite possibly the most interesting person I’ve encountered on this forum. What do you mean by the woodshed comment?


I never said that. I have cerebral palsy moderate to severe. What I said society particularly 20th century liberal America is to blame for the lunacy where kids are questioning things and parents are helping.

They want to blame everything on something, diseases, genes, etc to negate any type of responsibilty


So what/who would you say is responsible for your condition (surely something someone would have to take responsibility). I’m reading doctors are unsure of the exact cause and that there are many possible reasons. But at the end of the day in some way you are less fortunate than I or were born into something more difficult.

I was born into a 3rd world country and i guess that could be considered a disability but i was fortunate to be able to leave at a very young age to more fruitful place. But the only person i can think that put me in that situation is god, not that its a bad situation anymore and our family is doing very well, but what about the peoiple that dont do so well and die ever so painfully…


No one is responsible. That’s whats wrong everyone trying to point the finger at someone else, sometimes things just happen. I praise God that I am disabled because it has kept me humbled and after God’s own heart. If I were a walkie who knows what scandal I would cause. Disability is a blessing, not a curse and maybe some of Purgatory will be short because of the present suffering.

Medically speaking mine was caused by the umbilical cord wrap around my neck cutting the oxygen off to part of my brain.

God did not put you in that situation and he never, ever makes mistakes. You were born where you were for a reason that someday you might know, we all have trials but that doesn’t mean someone else is to blame. You were born were you were born and a set of circumstances made your country that way. God didn’t do it, people sure could though.

It is what it is, God can not be blamed because he didn’t make the country that way. Humans do that, humans cause more suffering than anything else. Don’t blame God because Society is stupid, if you must blame someone blame Satan.


I watched as much as I could stomach but frankly, all these programs are basically the same. The MSM, in it’s frantic quest to always appear “tolerant” of anything, will never hesitate to use our children as social experiments.

As another poster pointed out, such “confusions” were unheard of a mere 40 years ago. How is it that suddenly in the 21st century every and all manner of sexual disorder and deviation is suddenly being touted as “confusion” or “issues”. It is what is it: an abnormality which should be treated as such. And why do you think that this generation of children are so confused? Why are so many 10, 12, and 13 year olds suddenly “discovering” that they are “gay”? How is such a thing even possible at such a young age?

The non-stop relentless assault from all forms of media (and now we have the internet as well) on all traditional morals and values as well as traditional gender roles and the understanding of who we are as male and female has finally borne it’s rotten fruit. The children in this show are the result of a 40 year experiment wherein families can be “anything you want them to be” and the clear and distinct differences between men and women is so blurred that a young child might not even recognize that there are two separate and unique genders. It is so pervasive, so cunning and toxic, that I wouldn’t doubt for a moment that even very young children can be subconsciouly influenced by the confusion being perpetrated by the media.

These poor children are the victims of a devastated culture that values them only as test subjects in their vast social experiment. I don’t doubt that they are experiencing distress but their condition is clearly a disorder and should be treated as such, not normalized and encouraged.

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