How can God have a plan?


The expression “God has a plan” is, I think, a way for finite beings, existing within the confines of time to conceptualize one aspect of an infinite being, who exists outside of time. I prefer to think of it in this way: What God wills happens.


“God who is all wise, all knowing, all powerful, infinite, etc.”

You hinted at your answer. HE is all knowing and HE is outside of our timeline HE is not bound by it. To HIM our past, present and future are now since HE does not change. If HE was subject to change, any change. HE would not, could not, BE our GOD. It has been said that GOD “writes straight with crooked lines” and that GOD will use even the evil actions of us humans and even the demons to in the end bring about HIS plan. He already knows (now) what each of us did, do or will do. You may say “But how is that not futile?” well HE is allowing each and every one of us to make OUR decisions. They are ours to make. The outcome HE already knows, but we don’t, since we are trapped in our time domain and are bound to let run its course.
Happy philosophizing!!


Why do you say that is a design imperfection? It looks like ecological balance to me.

I wonder what the world would be like if all animals ate only plants and did not die. Probably not that wonderful.


I agree with you that God operates at a level higher than time. After all, time as we know it was created by God – or some scientists might say originated in the Big Bang.

Plan could then be understood as order. God ordered creation. Plan could also be understood as purpose, intention, fulfillment, etc., all of which can (perhaps) exist outside of time.

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