How can I answer questions about the Brothers of the Lord?

I’ve been trying to reconcile the passages that refer to the Lord’s brothers and Mary’s perpetual virginity, which I do believe; but lately I have come under attack for my faith.
I know the basic rebuttals, but adelphos’ first and primary definition is of the same womb.
If I go to the Protoevangelum of James, it’s argued that it’s not inspired and, therefore,
of no avail. I started reading Eusibius Church history, and while it states that Simeon
was the Lord’s cousin, it clearly states that James the Just and Jude were the Lord’s brothers according to the flesh. So, I guess the question is: Is there any other references to clarify the Lord’s brothers. Would Flavius Josephus or something by Hegesippus help?
I thank in advance whoever answers this question.

The following links should help you understand the Church’s position on whether Jesus had brothers. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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