How can I ask my girlfriend if she believes in God?

I have been dating my girlfriend now for almost six months and have displayed myself as a strong Catholic person. However, I have been unable to recieve any signs on her part as to whether or not she believes in God. She was born and raised a Catholic, recieved her First Communion and first confession, but I do not know where she stands today. I simply don’t know how I can ask her what she believes. Is there anyway I can possibly ask her if she believes in God indirectly? And if she doesn’t, is it wrong for me to be in love with her?

It may be helpful to frame the conversation with a compelling reason for why you need to know your girlfriend’s religious beliefs. If the two of you have been dating for six months, perhaps that reason can be that you would like to discern if marriage to each other is in your future. For a Catholic, marriage to another believing and practicing Catholic is ideal because the primary ends of marriage are the sanctification of the spouses and the raising of children. While it is possible for a Catholic to marry a non-Catholic or a lapsed Catholic, the couple will face difficulties in their spiritual lives and in the formation of their children because of the differences in theological belief and practice. This is a powerful reason for needing to know whether or not your girlfriend is religiously compatible with you.

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