How can I avoid going to hell?


I’m really worried about landing up in hell. I try to live according to the church but according to Islam I will go to their hell if I don’t live according to that faith. Will god protect me if I don’t live up to Islam and keep me from going to the Islam hell? Or will I go to heaven according to Christianity and at the same time to the Islam hell?


If you are going on a journey by car and set a destination using GPS. Two destinations cannot be set. You can choose to visit one before the other but ultimately it will end on only one. Islam and Christianity or indeed any two religions will have different requirements and thoughts on heaven and hell. You will need to choose which to follow or take as your end point. Ask God for help to decide.


Are you Muslim or Catholic?


I am Catholic


Well I’m catholic - but it’s not my choice. For either religion I will be considered a non believer - which ever I declare myself to. The powers of God and Allah determine my path - not my hopes of what will happen.


Being Catholic is always a choice. We have the gift of free will and the mercy of God who accepts all without looking at their past.


Why is it not your choice?


Why are you listening to Muslim propaganda about going to hell for Christians?


You determine your path, you choose


Where I go. The Gods will decide


I must say that God saves who he chooses. Is not bound by any religion and that it is the heart of the individual that will either give him or her suffering or peace after we have lived out our life on earth.


There is only ONE God.

And you choose the path of your life as far as faith goes


I’m trying to find out what my real situation is. So I’m taking input from all people in this world.


So tell us more about you. What is your situation


All our statements, views and arguments for a Catholic God will in reality not change your mind. We can only ask you to pray to God and ask him to show you which is the right and true belief.

And of you look to the virgin Mary she will always listen and respond.


There is only one God.
If you believe that Christianity is true then seek to obey God as Christianity tells you He wants.
If you believe that Islam is true then seek to obey Allah.
If you believe neither is true then why are you afraid of disobeying the demands of false religions?

Christianity and Islam cannot both be true because they contradict each other so much. You cannot be sent to the hell of a false religion because a false religion cannot have a hell of its own.

If you don’t know which is true then devote yourself to finding out. By seeking the truth you will be serving God regardless of which religion is true.


I’ve lost everything. 3 years ago I lost my job. I tried to make my own business but after a good start I’ve failed 3 years later. I’m running out of money and will become homeless and broke in the next 2 months. I’m at the brink of my life and have been to a mental hospital because people thought I would terminate my life. I’m hoping to find some way to continue.


I have no intention of derailing this thread, but I believe the RCC does not allow anyone to remove their name from the RCC, even if they were baptized as an infant because of their parents wishes.


God choosing is my point. It’s not up to me. I love the answers to my question but the answers are both that it’s up to me and up to God so what should one beleive.


The sacrament of Baptism is an indelible mark on our soul, yes. Any person can choose to turn away from God at any point in their life. The RCC teaches us that all baptised will go to purgatory in place of hell for the unbaptised. But without derailing too much, in my mind not much of an improvement on hell though is it?

And that every human is called by God with or without any sacraments. So is it not always a choice of to be in communion or not with God?

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