How can I be a catholic christian in China?


Hello everyone~
After years of thinking and wandering, now I eventually decided to be a faithful christian, and a Catholic one. I want to be baptized in Catholic way, and learn much knowledge about Christianity from a Catholic Father.
But the problem is, I was born and live in the Satanic Communist China, which all religion is controlled by the Communist Party, and Christianity here is always a major threat to the Party, basically always being cracked down, Crosses on churches removed, Bible tossed out and burnt…In the bloody old time, Fathers and priests will be shot in priority.
So I will never join a disgusting Party controlled so-called “Patriotic Catholic Church“ here in China, then what should I do? Fly to other country for baptizing and learning? But to where?
I desperately need guidance and help.
God bless you all.


“Behold this Heart, which has loved men so much, that it has
spared nothing, even to exhausting & consuming itself, to testify to them of its love!”

Stay in communion with Him & He will make you a real Christian



I’m not sure how anyone outside of China can help as you know your country better than anyone, is there no church near you? if not can you consider moving to where there is a Church, you don’t need to move to far I’m sure. I know there is a thriving Church in China some under ground of course yet it is permissible to attend services under this regime in certain places.
if you can not find a church God is in your heart and you can receive all graces necessary in prayer

this will help greatly and remember to pray for the Church in China so it may grow in peace.
God bless.


No matter the outward circumstances, you can ardently love Jesus in your heart and imitate Him in your actions. Read and study about the Church in every way you can. Above all, pray everyday. Say the Rosary everyday and beg Mary for help. If you can join an authentic Catholic Church, do so and go to frequent communion. If you can’t and can possibly move, do so. Otherwise, remember that God knows fully your circumstances and will help you live out the faith in them. God bless! We have religious freedom here and often empty churches :frowning:


Thank you brother, I want to be a real Christian indeed.


God bless you too, brother
There are some underground Catholic churches indeed, but they are located in a northern province called HeBei, more than 1300 KM away from me.
I’ll pray everyday for God’s graces, thank you.


“We have religious freedom here and often empty churches”
In China, We have no religious freedom, but the fake churches here are usually crowded of tourists, making all kinds of joking face, taking all kinds of selfie…
Haha, God bless you!


I’m surprised that you can access this website from China :thinking:

Be careful. I believe the Chinese Government watches this website…


This website is not blocked from China…for now.
Thank you brother, I will not reveal my identity easily.
God bless you.


I will pray for your safety.

I am surprised as well, but delighted you can.

May the Holy Spirit dwell over you like the Shekinah who protected the Children of Israel in the desert.

God bless you, our brother,
Deacon Christopher


Thank you, God bless you too~


First, I am shocked that CAF is available in China. I thought the Communist party censored the internet? Second, the real Catholic Church in China is an underground organization. So you would have to find an underground believer.


Is it that easy to leave PRC China?



Welcome to the Church! We rejoiced to have you soon.
I know it will not easy, but you seems very courageous.
I am extremely repectfull and admirative of the people who made the choice to become Christian in China.

It is not easy to help you and answers to your questions from aboard.
I don’t know enough on the situation of China and the Church to advise you. I just know of oppression and the pseudo Patriotic Church who is not completely authentic.

In the absolute, I will prefered to recommand to an underground Church that is in full communion with the rest of the Church. Yet I know it seems to be impossible from your circonstances. More, it is a personal decision, because of the consequences or persecutions it can lead.

If you wishes to emigrate, it is hard to advise too. There is few to no authentic catholic countries in the Western World. Anglo-saxon countries welcomed many immigrants, they have religious freedom, but are also very liberal in economic and religious, family, moral topics.
There is the western Europe. Italy is actually stay more catholic traditional than some others countries, but a aging countries, with perhaps fewer opportunities. France can be a choice. They protects asil-seekers, but not specifically Catholic (just culturally catholic of origins).

It really depend of your opportunities and your wishes. But is up to you within the real possibilities.

I want to just advised you to stay informed of the recent changes in the “relations” between the Vatican and your country. And the consequences on the recognization of the Patriotic Church by Catholic authorities.
But I am sure you are alreadywell- informed.

Sorry to not be able to help much.

I will pray for you.


This is certainly true - if you find such a person I wouldn’t speak about it here, as the government is likely to try to search them out.

We do not want either of you to fulfill the maxim: _the blood the the martyrs is the seed of the Church.

Be vigilant and holy,
Deacon Christopher


Come to America.


don’t be a communist
you will be excommunicated

the anathemas are still in place


also fly to hong kong


The Legitimate Government is in Taiwan :taiwan:


Yes, the Communist party censored the internet with the Great Fire Wall, built by the help of CISCO, it can block websites with a impressive precision, Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter are all blocked, and the Chinese language pages in Wikipedia.
China is a huge country, underground Catholic Churches only exist in just a few rural areas in Hebei province.

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