How can I be chaste?

I’m sure this question has been asked millions of times. But I can never find anything for older adults for had pretty good marriages, or so that thought so. My husband committed adultery twice that I know of. I forgave once and the last one he walked out on while I was sick, lost my job, my dad just died and left me with everything but no money. I thought I would die by my own hand……but Jesus grabbed, picked me, listened to me and by the next morning I had such joy in my heart. How could this be? Am I nuts. Nope no of this. It was a miracle. The love I had for my husband was gone and I had such joy and peace. This was my start of my conversion, after leaving the church for about 30 years. This all happened in 2009. I am still single, which I do like, but I do like to date and hopefully I can have love once again. Love is truly a gift from God and now I understand differently than I did before. So know that I am dating the sex thing comes up. I have tried to be chaste and succeeded a few times and lost a few times, and when I do. I am so remorseful I immediately run to confession and ask for confession. And for awhile I’m good and them BAM it happens again. Again I run to confession full of remorse. As an older Catholic adult am I expected to remain chaste until marriage and if chaste means to hold hands and just kiss….can I really remain faithful to God be chaste 100%. I truly want to walk in Gospel, I really do, but if I have this temptation having over me and giving into sometimes…PLEASE LET ME KNOW THAT I AM OK AND GOD STILL LOVES AND UNDERSTANDS ME. WHAT DO I DO?

The following links should provide some helpful information about chastity. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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