How can I be Conservative and be a child of an immigrant?

I love conservatism. It’s the party of Abe Lincoln. They’re pretty Christian. Anti homosexual, anti abortion, anti prostitution, anti trans. But the only thing that confuses me are the immigration policies. I’m a Us citizen, but how can I be a conservative if I’m a descendant of an immigrant? An overstayed immigrant.


Easy. Be like everyone else and support candidates because they support most of your beliefs even if they aren’t an exact match.

I think it’s easy to see that both parties are quite off the mark when it comes to immigration. One party wants open borders and the other sees immigration as a way of bringing talented people into our country rather than a way to help the less fortunate.


No contradiction at all. There are any number of people who are themselves immigrants, who think some kind of restriction is needed.


There are a good many conservative immigrants. Many of them are upset that they played by the rules, followed the law, worked hard for what they got, and now they see others breaking the rules and in some cases bringing problems of their home country to USA or giving the legal immigrants from their home country a bad name because the legal and illegal get lumped together.


I do not understand how ancestry has any bearing on our belief in following the rules.

Conservatives do not object to immigration.
They object to illegal immigration.


The next day I went to work after the 2016 election, my one coworker was going on and on about how upset she was, etc.
Next thing you know, a contract employee from another agency came up to introduce himself.
A Black, male, heavily-accented employee.
So, my co-worker immediately decides to make an ally with him, jumping right in to tell hi how upset she was over the election.
He smiled politely, and proceeded to explain to her how the electoral process works, how we operate under the rule of law, and why the founding fathers devised the electoral college.

He was clearly fine with the results of the election.

But hey, let’s keep those stereotypes going :laughing::laughing::laughing:


I have read that there are many African immigrants who do not feel they have much in common with African-Americans from USA. The African immigrants, who have usually worked hard to get themselves to USA and aspire to keep working and going up the ladder when they arrive, do not relate very well to seeing people who were born in USA and don’t have a similar work ethic. The African immigrants also don’t have the same history and experiences of racial prejudice, so they don’t accept that as a reason or excuse why people are not pursuing education and stable careers and lives.


My father can attest to this as he works with a woman who immigrated to the US from Uganda nearly 30 years ago.



I’m a daughter of immigrants, and I married an immigrant. And I’m about as conservative as can be. And I am raising three more that so far seem conservative as well. And my formerly leftie hubby has been known to vote rather conservatively as well (which I chalk up to his membership in the Knights rather than my influence :smile:). As for your being the child if an immigrant who overstayed, I’m presuming you were born here? I think you can acknowledge that your parent didn’t do it the right way, but I imagine that you don’t endorse open borders or anything.

DW came from El Salvador in the 1970s as shots were being fired and the civil war was heating up. She had to apply, pay fees, have various medical tests, be interviewed by the consul and wait… and wait… and wait. Meanwhile the nation was descending rapidly into the political climate which yielded a deadly polarization. Death squads. Guerilla terrorism. Blood on all hands.

She is incensed that those who come here illegally, risking children’s lives for the sake of economic gain, have become an exalted class.

She is ready to help build the wall.


The conservative standpoint of immigration is that legal immigration is the route to citizenship. People work hard, wait, and jump through hoops to become citizens or obtain the right to live and work here. Illegal immigrants are “cutting in line” since fewer legal immigrates can be admitted since they account for a certain number of illegal migrants coming in. There is also the fact that illegal immigrants work in the same fields as legal immigrants, but they can undercut on wages massively, making it so that legal immigrants or others who need those jobs, can’t accept the low wages and bad conditions. That’s actually a big fight on a farm just 10 miles from my house right now. As long as people are offering their labor under the table for pennies on the dollar of what legal workers make, certain people will take advantage of it. Cesar Chavez actually spoke out about this a lot!

This country was built on immigration. Conservatives love that and the diversity it brings. What they are not a fan of is people breaking laws, coming in illegally, and putting those who did at a massive disadvantage as far as immigration itself, and finding employment.

And for the record: unless you are a full-blooded native American, you’re a child of an immigrant. :slight_smile:


Why shouldn’t I hold current immigrants to the same standard that my grandparents were held to: you enter with permission, get a sponsor and depend on that sponsor (not the welfare state) to provide any assistance you need, get a job and pay into the social insurance programs before benefiting from them?

Edit: I should point out that my mother was 10 when they came here.


Good topic, and well-stated.
Conservatives encourage LEGAL immigration and American citizens like yourself. My grandparents were immigrants. America is the most generous country in the world, with over 1 million immigrants coming to America each year.
However, the problem is ILLEGAL immigration. And, those who are truly seeking asylum must go through LEGAL ports of entry.

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The only correct part of this statement, in my view, is that there are Africans who don’t have the same history of racial prejudices as African Americans and thus don’t identify with their plight. But the rest, wow, I’m surprised at what you’re saying here. Are you seriously suggesting that African Americans as a whole don’t have a “similar work ethic” as other Americans and that they are “not pursuing education and stable careers and lives”? A very surprising statement from you.

I am reporting what I have read. The most recent article was a year or two ago in the Washington Post. This is the perception of the African-American immigrants who are giving the interviews, who live places like Prince George’s County outside DC.


Do you know any African Americans at work or as friends or acquaintances?

I am reporting about articles I have read where African-American immigrants were interviewed.
I am neither African-American or a recent immigrant.
The topic of this thread is how immigrants can be conservative, not “let’s give our personal views.”

I’m rather bothered that I can’t mention articles I read (which one poster has already confirmed that some African immigrants do think this way because his father works with one) without you and others apparently jumping to the conclusion that I’m talking about my personal views.

Please read what I am saying and don’t go flying off assuming I’m saying my personal thoughts. That’s the type of behavior I’d expect on Facebook, not from the generally intelligent posters here. I have not expressed a viewpoint of my own on this matter and do not intend to do so here - I’m not an immigrant so anything I would think is irrelevant to the thread topic.


My apologies then. I hadn’t realized you were simply reporting what you read without necessarily endorsing it.

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Yes, of course I do. I have them for neighbors, friends, workmates and acquaintances. One goes back 25 years. I was at his wedding and he was at my husband’s funeral.

Why would you think I did not?

How is this relevant to the thread?

I myself did not express an opinion on African-Americans. I mentioned the perception of African immigrants in articles I said I read.

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