How can I be more connected to traditional Catholicism?

I asked this question on another message board, but I decided it might be good to ask it here as well for some more advice…

I don’t know that much about traditional Catholicism, but what I have found out I find very attractive. However, I have a bit of a problem…

I live in an area of the country where less than one half of a single percent of the population is Catholic. There is only one small Catholic church for a three county area. So I’ll probably never get a chance to attend a traditional Mass.

That being the case, does anyone have any ideas of how I could learn more about traditional Catholicism and live out my faith in a more traditional way? I’m thinking especially of how I can feel more connected to traditional Catholicism without being able to ever attend a traditional Mass. What could I do as far as that is concerned? Read the Missal every week perhaps?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

You can say the office without a priest. Strictly you don’t even need permission to do so, but I would advise you to get it cleared with the relevant people and if possible hold it in church.

You can say it in English or in Latin. It consists mostly of Psalms with a few connecting bits.


Certainly you could get a 1962 (or earlier) Missal and follow the traditional liturgical calendar of daily readings. You could also pray the older Divine Office as the other poster suggested.

Also, you could voluntarily practice the earlier disciplines (such as abstaining for meat on Friday’s all year long).

There is a very good article that directly addresses your question…Living as a Traditionalist in a Novus Ordo World

And most importantly, the first step is to pray, pray and pray. Daily rosary is awesome. And of course don’t let the lack of the TLM keep you away from the N.O. Mass.

Peace and God Bless,


Go to Youtube and check out the videos of the traditional latin mass. You will find the wonderful one from 1941 narrated by Bishop Fulton Sheen by searching for “traditional latin mass” and then take it from there - there are a number of other excellent videos. When I am away from my hometown with no access to a traditional latin mass watching the video is something I often do, not that it is of course a substitute for the real thing, which once you’ve attended you’ll never forget.

Thanks for all of the advice!

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