How Can I Become a Catholic??


I was raised attending the Christian Reformed church, which I left at age 16 without ever accepting Christ. Until this past year I was an atheist, but then I began praying, reading and talking to faithful friends of mine, and several months ago asked Jesus into my heart. I have been continuing to read and study the Bible on my own, but I have felt a push to began attending services. As a child, I attended Catholic school briefly before moving on to a Protestant one, and I went to mass a few times, and I would like to start again. I am going to be going to my first mass as an adult this weekend, but what else do I need to do? I have heard from RCIA (?) but I am not sure what that is, and there are a lot of things which I am completely in the dark about, like the rosary and the sacraments. Can you explain where do get more information, aside from talking to the Priest of course, and how to become a Catholic?


Welcome to the Catholic Church! The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) will assist you in your entrance into the Church. For more details I recommend reading How to Become a Catholic.

Also, concerning the Rosary and the Sacraments, see:
The Rosary

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