How can I become a Catholic?


I was baptized a Greek Orthodox Christian as a child because I hail from a Greek family. However, my family albeit a few members are practicing Orthodox Christians. My family was not one of them. We went to church only during the holidays, which was mostly on Easter and that is it. We never celebrated any feast days or special religious days. So as a result, I don’t know anything about the Greek Orthodox religion. My Mother’s family on the other hand, are practicing Evangelical Protestants and they have tried time and time again to get me to join their church(s). I have declined them time and time again.
As a child I attended Catholic schools and have enjoyed a fantastic education provided to us by Catholic Nuns and Brothers. They taught us about morality and responsibility to one’s family, faith and country. I have no regrets of receiving a Catholic education and I cannot stand those of us, who are seeking financial gain by jumping on the so called “molesters” band wagon. I am sure there are a few bad apples out there (and mind you they exist in every religion), I don’t like it when they label Catholics as deviants.
Well now to my question, I made a huge mistake many years ago. I was attending college and I learned a great deal about many religions and gradually turned away from my own faith. I started to feel spiritually confused and decided to convert to Islam. Sounds stupid huh?
Well, I did it and now I am very upset with the fact that I did that because essentially I was turning my back to God, as someone turns his/her back and becomes a witch or a satanist. Now I wouldn’t go so far as to call Muslims Satanists, but what would you say when they vehemently deny that Christ was crucified on the cross. They say he had a wife and fathered children (like the Davinci Code). That Mary never was involved with Joseph and that she gave birth to Jesus in a desert under a date tree. How Jesus spoke like a man when she was questioned by her accusers in her village for being unwed. Crazy things as you can possibly imagine! Personally, I don’t know how Muslims claim that their Koran is the completion of the Torah and the Bible. Ridiculous nonsense.
However, I didn’t do my research back then. Rather I blindly accepted their teachings without doing the research. In fact, they even tried to fill in the blanks by telling me that I should be happy because being Muslim would wipe away years of sin, and that I would be judged much fairer in the eyes of God, because God has no equal. Well, I know now that I made a mistake despite all of their prodding and false ideology.
Now I wanted to go back to Christianity, but originally to the Orthodox faith. However, I was chastised by them. They said they would help me, but rather they acted as if they were busy. That they couldn’t be bothered with my questions and as to why I made that mistake and I am very sure they will have fun spreading the news sort of speak. I have done a lot of soul searching since then (past few months), and I now feel that I should convert to the Catholic faith. I loved it as a child (received Communion), and to this day still pray the rosary, I still say the prayers (despite my conversion), and I try to go to church when I have time. What do I have to do to convert to Catholicism? Should I speak to any priest or a brother? I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY, and I would like to know if you know of a priest of parish that I could go to for my next steps. Thank you for your time and patience.


This link should give you the answer you need. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by this link, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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