How can I become a missionary priest?

Dear all,

I’ve been away from Catholic Answers for several years, mostly because I was in religious orders, discerning my vocation. I believe I’m called to the priesthood and possibly the religious life. Recently, a priest told me I would need to be part of a religious order/society or recommended by a bishop before I can join a seminary. Otherwise, I had been thinking of becoming a priest and then joining FOCUS, a missionary outreach group that reaches out to non-Catholics and lapsed Catholics on campuses.

My passion is the evangelization of non-Catholics. I’m a convert to Catholicism from Protestantism and have had a role in helping others come closer to the Catholic faith. Two spiritual directors have told me to stick with my gift, which is the evangelization of non-Catholics and/or lapsed Catholics.

I need advice on which religious orders, societies or groups are most serious about evangelistic outreach to non-or-fallen Catholics, and would help me to become a missionary priest.

Redemptorists, Society of The Divine Word

The Order of Friars Minor Capuchin comes to mind, or otherwise one of its many offshoots within the Franciscan family.

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