How can I become/should I be more involved?

Just looking for ideas… here is a quick sybopsis of my Christian life:
1973 Baptised in the United Methodist Church
1984 Confirmed in the United Methodist Church
1994 Confirmed in the Catholic Church ( engaged and preparing for marriage in a Catholic church :slight_smile:
Sept 2010: Officially joined the church we had been sending our kids to RE
2010: Had one of “those lectures” from a priest that shook up my world and opened my heart :slight_smile:
2011: Haven’t missed Mass in 6+ months; taught a HS RE class for 6 weeks

I was asked by 2 different people if I was interested in a committee at church and I did not step forward as the terms of the committee are 2-3 years. I LOVE to be on committees, but I hesitated. The nominationjs had to be reviewed by the priest for approval and I was concerned that my “record” was not very stellar. I decided that I should concentrate on learning and earning trust in our parish commmunity. BUT I feel really bad about aht decision and it is too late to ask to be on the ballott. Any ideas for someone like me???

what record?

the fact that you were asked by two people who know you is a good sign. What is the committee for? Next time somebody asks you to consider a job you can do and want to do take it. You do realize the number of people in the average parish who “love to be on committees” is less than the number of people who deliberately park 2 blocks away from church in order to walk. Now I am asking you to consider something else: become either a sponsor for a candidate in RCIA who is walking a journey similar to yours, or to start training as a catechist for your children’s RE program. Both are excellent ways to accomplish both goals, getting more involved in parish life and learning more about the Faith.

and a hearty Welcome Home, too

None of our records are stellar. If they were, we wouldn’t need Jesus! Of course, many of our problems in life come up when we act like we don’t need Him…

There is no shortage of need for help in most parishes. I’m sure another opportunity will come your way soon enough.

My advice is to jump in with both feet! Volunteer for anything. People will appreciate it more than you can know and you will get a better sense of what your strengths are in service. Commit, commit, commit.

I say do it! There are not many people who want to be on committees…at our church, many of the same people are on several ones. For the longest time, I had similar worries to you. I did lector, but stopped when I quit going to church. I am now going to start up again. In addition, I joined the Knights of Columbus, the Respect Life Committee and Liturgical Committee. You can meet so many wonderful new people being involved in the church and I believe it helps you in other areas of your life as well…it has made me an all-around better person.

What did Jesus teach us: let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Not one of us is perfect. There is no reason why you are not fit to serve on any parochial committee.

As others in this thread have advised you I would get more active in your parish if this is what you want to do. This way you provide service to your parish and it is a good way to learn more about the Church and our Faith.

Welcome home and best wishes for your service to the Church.:thumbsup:

Parishes are always looking for someone to say “YES”. If the committee looks like something you will enjoy, go for it.

I will be praying for you.


I love the way you phrased that! I needed a smile :smiley:

Thank-you for that!:blush:

Thanks Beth :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for their advice/encouragement!

I am being trained on lectoring and communion distribution on Friday :):smiley:

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