How can I boycott genocidal Microsoft and Gates population control?

Japanese TV was just pressured into removing a segment on Bill & Melinda’s population control program to include vaccination and sterilization. The outside world only sees Melinda’s cutesy creation of fake poop (soybean product) to test her third world toilets. Meanwhile Buffet/Nebraska Furniture Mart has dumped a few billion towards the genocidal cause. How do I unplug from Microsoft? Should I pray for Seattle tsunami? Any thoughts?

Lord, confirm us in “life and blessing” and remove “death and cursing” afar off from Your people; and like Gideon, send Your shock and awe to confound the enemy into destroying themselves. And bring the soon-coming triumph of the Immaculate Heart. Thanks. AMEN

If you find another way please let me know. I do not approve of theses ideas either and would love to drop Microsoft and go with another plan for my computer.

I’m curious. Are CAF servers using Microsoft software, or some flavor of UNIX?

I don’t know how the Gates Foundation is currently funded. Bill Gates is no longer running Microsoft, but he is an extremely rich guy. Much of his wealth is in Microsoft stock. However, I suspect that no matter what happens to Microsoft, he will always be rich, personally.

If the Gates Foundation has already been funded, from his personal fortune, then it might nor make a bit of difference, whether Microsoft is boycotted or not.

There are not a lot of alternatives, if you use a computer, because Microsoft owns 18.2 million shares of Apple.

I moved to Linux Ubuntu and never looked back!

It’s free, Open Source which means that all the code can be and IS peer reviewed and contributed to.

It has all the necessary tools to have a working environment including Office applications for wordprocessing, spreadsheets and presentations.

It is faster, far far stable than M$junk that needs a reboot every couple days (I never turn off my computer)

I’m not comfortable with the Gates Foundations’ positions either, especially since these programs are pushed without regard to whether the women want them, and because Melinda Gates proclaims herself to be a good Catholic while pushing this agenda.

Interesting couple I know - he’s literally a rocket scientist, she’s an ecologist - quit their jobs and took up mission to South America. They’re often fighting the Gates Foundation’s agendas in these villages where the women don’t want to be sterilized and don’t want to take the pills, but the village leaders push them to do so in order for the State to give the village money for compliance. The husband is also very much a fan of open source software and when I was having hard drive issues last year emailed me an Ubuntu operating system he personally put together for the kids in one of the schools they minister to. I should put nordskoven in touch with this couple, may have much in common.

That said, dropping MS products and going open source may not make much difference either way with respect to the Gates Foundation. The latter has its funding and it’d be hard to argue proximity to evil here by merely using MS products. But you can write letters to the Foundation pointing out their errors, and you can send letters supporting those who oppose the Foundation. I will say we use Red Hat Linux at work for some of our servers, and some of us use R, which is an open-source statistical package, though out of necessity we use Office for most of what we give to clients since that is what they themselves use. If we were to go to OpenOffice it wouldn’t be a good thing from our ability to keep customers.

Why would that be? :slight_smile:

Btw, thank you for the interesting info from all posters so far here. I’m a non-techy, and while I’m aware that Gates will stay rich regardless, and he and his wife will do whatever regardless, I’m always interested in alternatives to annoying MS.

P.S. What I find offensive about Gates’ statements themselves (apart from anything his wife says) is his attitude about wealth. I saw part of an interview with him and Buffet. Insert anti-emetc pill after watching interview. It’s not that both men don’t, from their perspective, and on a surface level, say nice things and shouldn’t be judged as doing anything but meaning well, but it is the same ‘meaning well’ that has characteized every colonizing empire. It’s so smug and detached and so “I have so much to give and I’m so indispensable.” Very imperial in tone. But I’ve never found Bill Gates’ ideas penetrating or creative. Including his ideas about education. He is not a deep thinker to me, to say the least.

It’s relevant to the conversation only in that (as with empires), if you come with certain ill-founded predispositions toward “problems,” whose “solutions” you assume you know, you may well be way off track and not of service whatsoever. His idea of “service” is odd.

Please don’t pray for a Seattle tsunami. Microsoft isn’t in Seattle and the Gates Foundations new bajillion dollar fortress is high enough above sea level to not be hit.

I know the priest at Melinda’s parish. Pray for her true conversion, and that he and her fellow parishioners can lead her to the truth.

On one hand you entertain thoughts for a “Seattle tsunami” (which would kill tens of thousands of innocent people), and yet your post closes with a prayer to “remove death and cursing from your people.” I don’t understand how those thoughts can go together.

I don’t understand the Seattle tsunami. Why would anyone wish harm on anyone else for ANY reason

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