How can I change up my prayer life?

Hey everyone! I’ve been wanting to change up my prayer life for a little while now, but i’m not sure how to do it… Are you supposed to say a lot of written prayers? Talk to God? Listen is silence?? I was just never taught what to do!! Can any of you share your opinions or methods?

Thanks, John.

I pray the Liturgy of the Hours (I mostly do Night Prayer) and do a lot of spontaneous intercessory prayers. I was raised as a Protestant so I’m most comfortable with spontaneous talking to God. I have prayed the Rosary but it’s not my favorite form of prayer.

I would advise you to try different kinds of prayer, as long as they are approved by the Church and draw you close to God. God wants to hear from His children. The important thing is that prayer be done on a regular basis, not just when we’re in trouble.

have you tried Ignatian Contemplative Prayer? i have had some real inspirational moments with it.

I have had had the same question in my mind since I’m surrounded by problems.
I hope this is ok but I purchased Sarah Youngs book… It is written as though Jesus is speaking to you and it has lines for you to respond. Everything is directly followed by passages in the Bible. It is starting to help me.


Talking to God is excellent
Pray for final perseverence (getting to heaven) daily
Look a the methods of mental prayer as explained by St. Theresa, St. Francis de Sales, St. Alphonsus Ligori

Practice devotions. Especially the Holy Rosary. I also like the Divine Mercy a lot.
Say the Rosary every day if you can. Participate in the Sacraments more often and with more prayer beforehand and afterwards to get more fruit from the Sacraments.

Remember that prayer is not exclusively words. There is meditative and contemplative prayer and there is also active prayer - works of charity, discussions of a religious nature with friends and acquaintances (depending on context of course - an argument isn’t often prayer, unless you’re ‘martyring’ yourself as part of it!)

There’s the Liturgy of the Hours, as has been suggested.

I would also recommend finding out more about spiritual retreats that you can go on: they may be advertised at your local parish or on your diocesan website, or your parish priest may know of organisations that lead guided retreats around prayerful subjects. They’re usually held at monasteries or convents and can be single days, weekends, weeks or even a month or more long sometimes. I’ve been on a few when I was younger and they were always worthwhile.

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