How can I convince LDS and Jehovah s witnesses I comfortable with my faith?

This hasn’t happened to me yet but it might when I live on my own.I’ve encountered LSD’s in the past passing by and I think I’ve left them a bit astonished by how much I know about them (it helps having used to have a friend who was a Latter-day Saint) and they go contently on their way (I hope b/c they actually encountered someone who’s who knowledgeable about them :D).I haven’t had the same sort of encounter with a Jehovah s witness (yet :p) but I’m wandering what should I do if I were to encounter someone from either group being a bit pushy with me?.

Aside:A religion teacher I used to have told us how when Witnesses came she invited them in and debated with them (placidly I hope).

Stay away from LSD as well as crack and heroin.

My Deacon always said instead of answering their charges, ask them questions. Ask them questions that contradict their faith. Scriptures support Catholicism (for countless obvious reasons). They do not support lds and jw beliefs. Once you start pushing they crumble because their arguments are without foundation.


In my humble opinion, the four Great Awakenings in United States is of great evil; its negative impact on Christianity is in parallel with East-West schism and Protestant Reformation.

:slight_smile: May God continue His blessings on our beloved Catholic Church!

Fortunately, though both groups twist and misunderstand Scripture, they both accept it as authoritative. For this reason, you have a middle ground which you can use to create productive dialogue. This means good exegesis and hermeneutics on your part.You are also going to want to know your early church history, particularly with LDS.

JW are clever evangelists. The beautiful thing with them is that you dont have to approach them in order to spread your faith–they’ll approach you. When they bring up their faith make sure you bring up yours. As you dialogue, agree on issues that are common, but press them on issues that differ. The Gospel of John is especially helpful as well as the epistle to the Hebrews, and much of the Pauline Epsitles

LDS, the same is true for them. They’ll want to approach you, and if you approach them they’ll be flattered and welcoming I’m sure. LDS can be harder to deal with. They actually have scholarship at Universities backing their version of apologetics. If you come across a knowledgeable Mormon, it could be interesting. I had a professor, Carl Mosser, who is a Theologian, Apologist, and NT scholar whose greatest works were Mormon apologetics books. You might think about looking into his work.

Don’t think because these groups are erroneous that they won’t make good points. If you come across the right one you may very well have a rigorous argument on your hands. Just know that both groups have their own version of apologetics and anti-apologetics in which they are generally well trained in order to aid them in their evangelism which is heavily emphasized by both. Every week they go to “church” they are trained to be able to engage and refute people like you. Thinking about your post thought, you said you were familiar so you probably already know of this. If you don’t want to approach them they’ll approach you, just be welcoming and make yourself available.

Two Jehovah Witnesses became very “pushy” or insistent with me.
I said very pleasantly and courteously, with a polite smile
“I think you are being very rude.
I told you my position and that I did not wish to pursue your religion, and you are continuing to insist upon imposing it on me.”
They looked stunned to think anyone would interpret their behavior according to a social norm, and left to never to return.

Nice one TrishaF :thumbsup: I think that is the right way to approach this :slight_smile:

I think I misunderstood what you were asking. I thought you were asking from an apologetic bent, but according to other responses I probably interpreted your post incorrectly

Funny, when I saw LDS I wondered if it was a drug. :smiley:

Being comfortable with your Faith starts with knowing your Faith. You should know your Faith enough to share it with others and that confidence will speak for itself and stand on its own.

CA has two excellent books that I recently purchased that will assist you in dealing with Latter Day Saints and those from the Watch Tower Society:

When Mormons Call: Answering Mormon Missionaries at Your Door by Isaiah Bennett, “a former Catholic priest who converted to Mormonism and then returned to the Catholic faith. He spent two years as an active Mormon, even serving as a teacher in the Mormon Institutes of Religion, and knows the religion from the inside”.

Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses by Jason Evert which “walks you through the doctrines of the JWs, revealing where and why they’re wrong–giving special attention to favorite verses and standard topics that a JW will use in rejecting the Catholic faith”.

One of the most important things I took away from these books, especially the “Answering …” book is to treat them with respect and kindness. The Watch Tower Society prides themselves on being rebuffed, even hated, because that is what Christ said would happen in the Gospel of St. Matthew (10:22).

Also, ALWAYS take their literature and, if you have time, keep them on your doorstep for as long as possible. Make idle chit-chat if you are unprepared to discuss Doctrine. That way, you just might prevent another soul from losing their salvation when you delay them from speaking to others and giving out their publications.

I have two WTS members that come by every month when they have the new “The Watchtower” and “AWAKE!” magazines. Cliff and Reggie seem to be good men, just woefully misinformed and I have already corrected them on several Catholic “myths” they tried to pass off as true. I still haven’t told them, directly, that I’m Catholic and I just ask them questions about the WTS that cause them to stutter and stammer and then try to change the subject. Most of their poor salesmanship revolves around putting down other religions but can never seem to be able to present a cogent argument why I should renounce Christianity for the WTS.

You are not the only one who has come to that conclusion. The fruits of each were farther and farther drift from the orthodox catholic faith.

You could do like my wife is doing today… Taking her JW aunt to crochet/knit with her a the local catholic church with the other catholic ladies… :thumbsup:

QUOTE=PaulfromIowa;9904078]Stay away from **LSD **as well as crack and heroin.

:doh2:…:banghead:…I meant LDS as in Latter-day saints not LSD as in Lysergic acid diethylamide/“acid”

Truth be told, you won’t ever convince them that you’re truly happy with your faith. Denominations like the LDS church and the JW’s, to continue to operate, believe that everyone aside from them is missing something vital. If you seem happy with your faith, then you’re either lying or are Lost to the devil.

LOL…that made me laugh…I caught the typo and thought something similar…too funny!:slight_smile:

That’s interesting. I think a lot for Christians believe likewise abut other denominations or religions, but I’m curious. It seems like you were convinced, so what convinced you?

This is what I used to do. :smiley:

I evangelize them right down the walk, and down the driveway.

I always have a copy of the Catechism handy, as well as Bible, and a few other tracts.

I tell them I am glad they stopped by, and start handing them tracts, follow them down the walk with the catechism and Bible. Inviting them to Mass, Bible study, RCIA, and anything else I can think of.

Usually, I have to run to keep up with them…:D.

For some reason, they just don’t stop by anymore :shrug:

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