How can i fight lust and other tempations?


i am a 19 year old female. i have struggled with lust and masturbation for a long time. At the age of 11 after being introduced to masturbation and porn by my friends, I began to masturbate and watch porn. i am happy to say i that i have now been able to fight the temptation of masturbation and watching porn. i have been clean for almost 4 months. however i still have a very lustful mindset. things on tv, music, or random thoughts cause me find myself in a lustful state. sometimes i am able to fight these thoughts, but more times than not i cant fight it and find myself submerging into these thoughts. it even causes me to aroused. i have cleaned up my life in many ways but this is one of my most difficult battles. i pray regularly, read inspirational messages and the bible 5 days a week at the least. i still need help to fight these feelings. i seen something on tv about a boy who has a “sexual demon” inside of him. is there any way that might be true for me? any advice or guidance would be helpful for me to overcome my struggles.

also, i am in college and the temptation for drinking and marijuana are frequently around me. i have stopped smoking marijuana for over 3 months but still often have the temptation to. i feel as if i’m missing out by not partying thru my college years. because i do want to have those experiences, but i know it is very wrong. i would appreciate all the help and guidance i may receive. :slight_smile:


Hey! you’re human too! I had the same thing sweety, many people can overcome it!

not helpful but heres my tips:

  1. say hail marys

  2. say a prayer befor eyou go to bed asking God for strength to make it through the day

  3. ask for forgiveness immedietly after a mistake

  4. see a priest, go to confession

  5. ask God to introduce you to the beautiful things of the world

  6. ask people to pray for you

  7. only watch clean movies and media

  8. find a distraction

  9. take communion often

  10. plead the blood of Jesus over this temptation


thank you for the advice and motivation


When tempted, do not fight the adversery yourself but run to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Ask for the intercession of the saints, most especially Mary the Mother of God of saints.


Here’s advice from an actual female who has gone through a masturbation period before at your age:

[LIST]Pray to St. Augustine frequently besides your regular rosary/Divine Mercy Chaplet/Lectio Divinia/etc. I consider him an unofficial patron of lustful people, as he has helped me get through that terrible time with relative ease and due to the fact that he even had a mistress before becoming the saint that he was. Or you could pray to St. Margaret of Cortona, who had a similar time of being a lustful mistress before becoming a nun.
[/LIST][LIST]Go to confession at least once a week (twice a month if scrupulous). You’re going to need it as you are weaning through your lust and starting to get off that path of addiction, whatever it may be.[/LIST][LIST]If you are near a place/object of temptation, quickly get away from it, lest it get you into sin again. And if impossible to avoid (say you’re at a mandatory office meeting), at least pray a Hail Mary, something to your patron, or along those lines so you can be filled with the Spirit.[/LIST][LIST]Finally, pray daily to always keep that lust away from you as best as you can and in every way possible in God’s design. And always trust God in this. From experience, I can remember that if you don’t pray for it, your masturbation inclinations might actually be enacted instead of just a mere temptation. And we don’t want it to be a vicious cycle.:D[/LIST]Oh, and if the Devil tells you that you need conjugal union (i.e., sex) to be whole, don’t listen to him :mad: (another experience thing ;)). Follow God’s plan whether for marriage or for single life – for He is the way.

God bless, and I’ll be praying for you. :thumbsup:


just keep asking God until u find new sttenghth


Look upon Him who overcame all temptations! Don’t think that you are in this alone. Our Lord is there to comfort and strengthen you!


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