How can I find a certain preist I only know his first name?

He was in medjugorji last may his name is father Michael he’s American he told me he use to be an architect but left it all to become a priest I never once in my life spoke to a priest as lovely as him everyone who
Left confession was in tears i would really like to speak to him again does anyone know how I can find him

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Maybe you could contact the tour group or travel agent who arranged your visit. If he was hearing confessions, the pastor of the local church (St. James, if you went to the church associated with the alleged apparitions), should have a record of his having been there. Although they often didn’t check too carefully at first, there seem to have been improvements in this department. In fact, the Vatican has a special envoy there, to look after the needs of tourists. Was he, by any chance, assigned there, officially? The parish office should ow have a record of all clergy who have given sacraments. Hope this helps!

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