How can i find a vocation for lay life in charity?


I want to just live as a catholic doing what jesus says in the Gospel. serving the needy and poor and living a charity life. I feel if I die today my whole life is all me me me. I don’t know how to distinguish it from a wordly life except for going to mass confession praing. how can lay people truly live charity according to christs commands in the gospels? truly? In truth I fear homeless dirty people. I instinctively think they are dangerous. but that makes me like any world person. reading lives of early Christians and in two millennia, I see evidence of love in their lives. I don’t see it in mine or many lay persons lives apart from giving something in the collection basket on sunday. I fear if jesus came today he will be so disappointed in me.

truly how can regular catholics live true charity according to Crists commands in every day life? a charity that says we are catholics. not just nice people. true charity as a mark of our faith. it cannot be the solution is to become priests and nuns. surely this is the Christianity of all people not only those who become nuns and priests. I want to do and live charity. I want this to be my vocation. how can I do it? or other laity? thank you.


If you really have an overwhelming fear of the homeless, but feel a call to serve them, can you think of some way to volunteer for a charity where you don’t come in direct contact with them? A food bank? Clothes drives? Soup kitchens where you work in the kitchen? Habitat for Humanity? Giving money to organizations would also be a good idea, if that is possible.

Also, not all homeless people are dangerous, and they’re only dirty because they’re homeless. Have courage. Jesus was probably a little dirty too :slight_smile:

Homeless people aren’t the only ones who need charity. There are nursing homes full of neglected and forgotten souls. A lot of good could be done there, too.


The very fact that you are worrying about these things shows you care. You are facing a positive direction. You see your weaknesses and feel frustration at not knowing how to advance. If you are employed or you have family, or friends, then this is the place to start.

If you are jobless then prayer is going to be a major factor - pray the rosary if you have no job (or even if you do have a job) and ask for ways to increase in virtue and for opportunities to help with things, and when they come, say: “yes, please!” And don’t turn it away on account of the ‘size of’ the deed. God doesn’t rate our efforts by how big the gesture is but why we are doing what we do (The Widow’s Mite). Me not being impatient with someone when I would have good reason and instead returning good for bad, for example, might mean more to God than giving a thousand pounds to charity.

I read in another thread that you stopped going to Sunday Mass. This is an obligation. Go even if you don’t feel like it. This is an absolute. No excuses.

Those collection plates may not mean much to you but every penny helps.



Be a regular volunteer at mother Teresa’s missionaries of charity.

Spiritual Reading


You can start small. Treat everyone you encounter as you would Christ Himself. Of course, sometimes it would be quite a challenge. Exhibit the fruits of the spirit and pray as much as possible. Praying for others are spiritual works of mercy.
Volunteer when it comes to Church activities.
Ask others for volunteer opportunities in your community…Chances.are some of these perfect for you.


Check your church bulletin for local opportunities to serve.



Have you contacted your diocese’s office of Catholic Charities? I’m sure they might have some volunteer work for you. Also, if you haven’t chosen your profession yet, might I suggest considering social work?

In all of this, though, understand that the greatest charity we can show to other souls is our prayer and penance for them. Every active apostolate must surely be animated be these, as they are truly what set our work apart from that of, as you put it, “just nice people.”

God bless.


Read the story of Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker. It may speak to you. If there is a Worker house nearby, go visit and volunteer your time. Blessings.


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