How can I find this book?

I have loaned a book to a friend who lost it when his car was totaled. The problem is that I can’t remember the title or author. Any help would be appreciated. The book is 200-300 pages long and deals with defining the beliefs of the vast majority of the major Protestant denominations. Each faith tradition is given 1-5 pages. For some reason, I remember that it had an imprimatur out of San Diego. I have found this book to be helpful when engaged in apologetics.

Sounds like something that CA produced. Maybe search their Shop

San Diego may be a place to start, maybe the Bishop’s office has a list of books that were authorized.

This isn’t the same book - no imprimatur - but we’ve found Creeds of the Churches: A Reader in Christian Doctrine from the Bible to the Present to be very helpful. It’s available at Amazon.

Hardcover? Softcover? Anything distinctive about the dimensions? Do you remember if there was any particular picture on the cover, or if the title was a certain color/font family? Do you remember around what time you got it, and if it was a new book or an old book when you acquired it? Do you remember how you originally found it— were you browsing in a bookstore, did you hear an author interview, did someone recommend it in a thread, etc?

The very one I was going to suggest. It was one of my study books when I was in college.
I loaned my copy to our local deacon about 15 years ago and he has yet to return it. :mad:

If you can remember what the topics in the book were or chapter titles etc you could try entering it into google and see if that brings up the book name…can you remember where you bought it from?

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