How can I fulfill my Sunday obligation while on a cruise?

I am a Catholic who goes to Mass daily. My wife of 41 years and I would like to go on a cruise. However, in respect to the Third Commandment, I will not go unless there is a Catholic Priest on board to say Mass on Sunday or if we stop at a port on Sunday morning so we can go to Mass there. I have been running a Communion Service for several years at an elderly home as well as for prisoners. If there is no priest for the cruise and no stops on Sunday, would a Holy Communion Service be sufficient for the Sunday obligation? In the Communion Service, we read the Sunday readings, pray many of the Sunday prayers, and distribute the Holy Eucharist. We could even include other Catholics on board the cruise line.
Please give me the official Catholic view on this because I NEVER want to disobey this Precept of the Church and am not looking for a way out. I want to be totally in line with the Catholic Church’s teachings.

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