How can I get a copy of a saint card


that has been touched to relics? When St. Gianna Molla’s relics visited my parent’s church a few years ago, I went to see them and touched 3 of her saint cards to her relics which is what was suggested by the parish priest. I treasured them but when I heard of friends in need, gave them away. I didn’t keep track of who had them. Now my dad was just diagnosed with bladder cancer and I would really like another one for him. St. Gianna is my hero and has answered my prayers before. I emailed the contact information at her website but didn’t get an answer.

Is there another way to get one of her cards which has touched her relics? She is such a comfort to me and I think she would be to my father as well. Thank you in advance for your help!



How wonderful of you to give St. Gianna Molla’s holy cards away to those who needed them. What is the website for St. Gianna Molla? Try contacting them again. I had to contact one particular website 3 times for the same thing and finally I got a response.

Hopefully, this helps and maybe prayer(s) to St. Anthony of Padua would help find your Holy card touched by St. Gianna Molla’s relics.

I’m also very sorry to hear your dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer.

A Prayer to St. Peregrine for Sick Relatives and Friends

O great St. Peregrine, you have been called “The Mighty”, “The Wonder Worker” because
of the numerous miracles which you obtained from God for those who have turned to you in
their need. For so many years, you bore in your own flesh this cancerous disease that destroys
the very fiber of our being.

You turned to God when the power of human beings could do no more, and you were favored
with the vision of Jesus coming down from His cross to heal your affliction. I now ask God to
heal these sick persons whom I entrust to you:

(here mention their names) for your dad.

Aided by your powerful intercession, I shall sing with Mary a hymn of gratitude
to God for His great goodness and mercy. Amen.


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