How can I go about adopting a Christian name?

I will be confirmed by our bishop next Easter and I really would like to adopt Leon as my Christian name. Is Leon acceptable as a Christian name, and if so how can I go about adopting it legally? Thanks!

Leon is a form of Leo, which is indeed a Christian name because it is the name of a number of saints (e.g., Pope St. Leo the Great). Actually, Leon can itself be considered a Christian name since it was the home (Leon, Spain) of several Christian saints.

If you want to be known legally as Leon, then you will have to change your name through judicial procedure. You’ll have to check with your local municipality to find out how that is done. It is not necessary though for Catholics to do this. The name may be used during the confirmation ceremony, and the patron saint is regarded as a special intercessor, but most Catholics continue to use the name given to them at birth by their parents.

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