How can I grow more?


Hi Team,

I am trying to walk with Jesus and keep His words in all time. Sometime I failed and after did each mistakes, I realized it. I pray around one Hour.

How can I grow more in spiritually ? On dreams, I saw many things, sometimes it was prayer request or advice or help me to take a decision or future incidents in my or my relatives life like that…

But some time, I can’t understand its meaning and I realized it, after it happened… How can I understand its meaning ? Does it need more prayer ?

Do you have some suggestion for growing spiritually ?

Thank You team.


Have you considered seeking the advice of a spiritual director?


Pray and seek a spiritual director. Ask God for one. They are His graces.


My dear friend

Ask God and your Blessed Mother to help you in this regards. Ask them to teach you and ask the Holy Spirit to direct you. Get a spiritual director if you can. He should be orthodox, holy and knowledgeable.
Why don’t you read what this saint wrote it’s what your looking for I think.

God bless and peace to you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


You all recommended to find a spiritual director. But I don’t know how to find someone but ofcourse, I will pray for this matter.

Does it possible to be lead by Holy Spirit ? I think, that will be better than a person.

I will go through the site you suggested and will back with responses soon.


My dear friend

If you cannot get a spiritual director the Holy Spirit will direct you himself. But you must really try to find one. In any case the spiritual director is meant to be like a minor assistant to the Holy Spirit who is the great director of souls.

Maybe see if these people are in your area. Their great and free just phone them if you want.

Or try a monastery if you want. Priests are best.

Good luck and God bless:thumbsup::slight_smile:


You may find helpful info here:
They have spiritual direction by email on this site. Probably not an ideal situation, but if you have no other options I think it’s worth a shot. The site has lots of good information and is orthodox.

Here’s an excellent book on the subject:

Seeking Spiritual Direction: How to Grow the Divine Life Within
by Fr. Thomas Dubay


Drink lots of milk. Oh, wait, spiritual growth.

Different matter altogether. Try the 911.

9 The Memorare, I Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and 1 Rosary.


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