How can I help an inmate avoid Wicca?

Today I opened my mail and found a letter from a prison inmate who mistook my P.O. Box number for that of a Wiccan association (!). I believe some good angel must have helpfully redirected the note, don’t you think? :slight_smile: In any case, I had already opened and read the letter before realizing it was not addressed to me. The prison inmate explains that he has begun living the Wiccan lifestyle while in prison and would like more information, books, pamphlets, etc. Rather than return the mail I feel obliged to send something better his way.

My plan was to send him a brief personal note and include the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for him to say, but I wondered whether you know of any other booklet-sized reading that might touch him regarding the Catholic faith. If he’s into Wicca, I’m guessing he wants to take “control” over his life, so I was thinking something about Abandoment to Divine Providence, although I think that little book might be a bit much for someone who possibly has no Christian concepts to start from.

Thanks for any resources you can recommend!

Recommended reading:
*]Witchcraft 101 by Michelle Arnold (sidebar)
*]The Practice of the Presence of God by Br. Lawrence

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