How can I help my mother's parish, or should I?


My mother and I sing together in the choir of a small rural Anglican church (I go to Catholic mass on Saturday evenings and sing with her on Sunday morning) whose organist just decided to resign after a nasty conflict with the minister. The parish has been through 2 years of plummeting attendance after the previous beloved young and inspiring Anglo-Catholic priest (whose influence helped give me the courage to convert to the Mother Church) was reassigned to a different parish and they were repeatedly neglected by the bishop. They’ve been dealing with retired interim ministers for two years now with no sign that they will get a new priest at all. My mom is really saddened by it because she loved singing with me in the choir, and the organist was an integral part of the parish. The interim minister has no understanding of the needs and opinions of the traditional community, and seems to be trying to cement her position by moving into the rectory. I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do to console my mother because she feels that the church will probably end up shutting down if the multiple crises keep driving people away.

Can I, as a Catholic, help try to save this Protestant parish, or should I just pray for the spiritual well-being of those involved and move on?


Prayer is always the right thing to do.

What other ideas do you have to attempt to save this parish?


I think prayer for everyone involved in the situation would be appropriate.

With respect to you trying to save this parish, it frankly sounds like this is out of your hands and the bishop for whatever reason has decided this parish is not a priority. If it’s a small rural church to begin with, bishop may feel he has bigger and more important parishes to focus upon and this one is just going to have to sink or swim.

As for the interim minister having conflicts with the parish, that’s kind of for the minister and the parishioners to work out, and you are no longer a parishioner because you’ve moved to the Catholic Church, so it’s hard for me to see how you can meaningfully be involved in this Anglican church’s problems when you already chose to leave it. I know I would not welcome some person who’d left the Catholic Church injecting themself into the dispute between a pastor and his flock at a Catholic parish.


You can pray for them. There is probably little that you or your mother can do to save the Anglican church from itself.


There’s not much you can do. … “multiple crises”

Invite them to join your Catholic parish.


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