How can I know I'm doing a good job at work?


How can an employee know he is doing a good job at work?
Is it normal to mess up every once in a while, to get a little “get more organized” from your supervisor?


1000 people will give 1000 answers.
I would say: Try your best not to get “schooled” by your supervisor.


I’m a public school teacher – you wouldn’t believe the length of evaluation that must be completed on every single teacher in the building, every single year.

That’s how I know whether or not I’m doing a good job. :shrug:


Is this your first job? If so then it can take a bit of time to get used to a workplace. The other thing I have found is that some places are more thorough at training and supervising new employees than others. There is no normal for this.


That’s a very interesting concept. Can you elaborate?


Thanks for the answers everyone. I just worry I came across as not knowing what I was doing after being there almost a year. But I did… when I am challenged I choke and can’t speak up. My brain goes blanks. They have a very disorganized network system there and I was having a difficult time finding things. But I did not speak up for myself and tell them that… You know how it is… when your employer is disorganized and you’re trying to get used to it…


Yes I understand exactly what you had been going through,
Been there myself several times,
Unfortunatly ,some employers & Supervisors make us look like Rocket Scientists ,
We see the obvious , which they don’t see,


Some people are harder to work for than others that’s for sure.


What I meant was, try to anticipate needs, do a bit more than you have to to not just a good job, but a superior job, so that your boss can’t come around some time and say “well, you just do the bare minimum…we need you to step up and to step out and lead.”

That’s all.


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