How can I know that my belief in what Jesus/The Church say is true?

For example, language. We all interpret words we come across.

For example; “Saved”.

Maybe my subjective reason interpreted the word ‘saved’ as “salvation” but in reality the word means “to be damned”…but my reason was too faulty to understand this.

So when I hear “Listen to the Christ’s teachings”, “If you follow him you will be saved.”…How can I know that what the real meaning of that sentence is “If you follow him, you will be damned.” ?

Basically my main question is, how can I trust my understanding of language, grammar, and logic to be in line with reality?

Sorry I meant to ask, how can I know that the real meaning of that sentence truly means “If you follow him you will be saved.” and not “If you follow him you will be damned (if the word ‘saved’ really meant ‘damned’ in reality)”

We trust The Holy Spirit to guarantee that Christ’s Church will faithfully translate and transmit the Scriptures and Sacred Tradition from their original languages. Christ promised that the gates of Hell would not prevail against His Church.

Hi Ben,

Jesus is not a liar.

Have you been reading Descartes, by any chance? Whatever the reason for these thoughts, dismiss them.

Peter Kreeft has written a great little book that might answer some of your questions. I strongly recommend that you read it:

Words do not have a secret meaning that contradicts our understanding. In fact, words have no meaning at all except for what we agree that they mean. They exist and are defined only by consensus.

Now, there are cases of words that have two or more meanings, for example, serve. To say that we are served might mean that we are the beneficiaries of a service, or it might mean that we are put in a dish to be eaten. (This word play was central to a short story and Twilight Zone episode titled “To Serve Man.” ;)) However, in such cases, all meanings of the word are commonly known and the meaning is usually clear by the context.

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