How can I make new friends in my new city?

Hi everyone. I just moved a while ago to a new city/town. I was away from the church for a while too. So what would be the best way to make new friends and meet new people???

I’m a single guy. And I’ve thought that maybe-at the gym, around the neighborhood, or even going to Mass and the activities there at the Parish=I have 3 different praishes to chose from here in my city…

Any other advice, ideas or suggestions???


Join everything:

My suggestions are groups at church (especially groups that meet regularly), volunteer activities, and classes (at a local community college or adult learning center). I’ve made good friends a lot of different places, but I’ve made friends in EVERY volunteer group I’ve been part of. Plus, when you’re volunteering you know you’re doing something helpful.

All the things you suggested sounds good. And, because you have three different parishes, remember that even after you choose one you can attend the meetings and activities geared for your age group in whatever Catholic church of those three.

Blessings on your journey!

All the suggestions that you’ll hear on this subject seem trite when you first hear them, but classes, church groups, volunteer activities, sport teams, all these things work. Church groups have always worked very well for me, you might have to drive 1/2 an hour away to find the vibrant social group in your area!

Making new friends is pretty tough. I’ve relocated over 2000 miles solo within the last few months, and you’ve really got to put the effort in. If you make even one decent friend from signing up from a class, consider it a worthwhile class :slight_smile: I just try to keep most days busy with any sort of activity, and its worked pretty well. Make sure to get phone numbers, and organize activities for your new friends.

Best of luck!

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