How can I marry a Catholic?

and by the non-Catholic I mean me, which is why I’m here. I know nothing of the catholic church, I was raised Pentecostal. so I have so many questions since the man I want to marry is catholic.
first of all: can I get married in a catholic? or can I have 2 ceremonies one catholic and a non-denominational one?

Yes, a Catholic can marry a non-Catholic under some basic conditions.

No, there cannot be 2 ceremonies. There will be either a Catholic one or a non-Catholic one.

For a Catholic to marry a non-Catholic the Catholic has to promise to remain Catholic and to do his/her best to raise the children of the marriage Catholic. The non-Catholic party is informed of these promises by the Catholic party.

The Catholic Church has a very specific understanding of marriage (faithful, open to life, and lasting until death). The non-Catholic must agree that he/she shares this same understanding of marriage.

Then depending on whether or not the Catholic Church accepts the non-Catholic’s faith’s baptism as valid or not determines the paperwork that follows.

Normally the Catholic Church expects Catholics to be married in the Catholic Church. In some circumstances, such as mixed faith marriages, the Church does grant official permission for the Catholic to marry in the faith community of the non-Catholic party.

The Catholic Church teaches that it is the exchange of consent to enter into a life-long, faithful, fruitful relationship is what makes a marriage a marriage. Therefore once consent has taken place the couple is married. Therefore the Catholic Church forbids two exchanges of consent.

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