How can I overcome my doubts about my faith?

Lately I have been struggling with my faith and my beliefs. I am having doubt in the truth behind the bible and the existence of Jesus. I have been a decent Catholic my whole life and now this has hit me. I am very fearful that the bible and existence of Jesus is fiction. Is there a place I can turn to? I want to believe wholeheartedly but I am really struggling. I maintain my devotions but I don’t want to have doubt about them.

Dear Keith,

The Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus who lived during the early part of the first century, gives testimony to the existence of Jesus. (See: So even non-believers acknowledge His existence.

The early Church Fathers give evidence that the basic teachings of the Catholic Church were very present during the earliest days of Christianity. In the original Catholic Encyclopedia, see:
*]Fathers of the Church[/LIST]Some of the greatest saints suffered with long periods of doubts. Saint Catherine of Siena was one of them. Finally after a long difficult period, our Lord appeared to her and she said: “Where WERE you all this time? And He answered: “Catherine, I was in your heart.” She could never have survived such temptations without His being there. I suspect that the Lord is closer to you that you realize. Keep praying and asserting your trust in Him. Reflect on His passion. No mere human could conjure up the notion that an infinite God could love His creatures that much!

You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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