How can I overcome Scrupulosity???

I am very scrupulous. I have become very lukewarm and indifferent. I go to Mass every Sunday…I have not received Holy Communion in a couple of years. I dont pray…I wake up in the morning and rush into the day. There is adoration every Friday…but I can never bring myself to go. Any thoughts or advice?


What sorts of things motivate you?

Are there things you’d like to accomplish in this world? Are there ideas you have of how you’d like to see yourself in the future as compared to now? :hmmm:

Are there particular prayers you like, or that you used to like, either to listen to or pray? Do you like church music? Certainly others will discuss getting back into the sacraments, so my ideas are intended to be added to, not instead of, those ideas. :wink:

Since I don’t know a lot about scruples, I thought I’d ask a few questions to get to know you a little better. Based on what’s important to you, we may have ideas about different devotions or strategies. :thumbsup:


I love Georgian chant and movies about Saints…I feel ashamed of what I have done and, becuase I haven’t recieved Holy Communion in a long time, I have begun to see the Euchurist as something that needs to be avoided.

Find a good confessor, one who understands scrupulosity. Tell him everything.

Then without question, obey him, no matter what. And when (I’m almost certain he will not say otherwise) he says, receive Communion, receive. No matter what. If he says, you shall henceforth no longer confess this or that, you shall obey.

The scrupulous should not seek advice on an anonymous, public forum because the varying answers will only exacerbate the problem. You should especially avoid asking “Did I sin by doing this…” or “Is it a sin to…” on the boards. These should go only to that confessor and his answers must be taken at face value.

you should buy the book scruples and sainthood that helped me alot! I hope I could help. :blessyou:

Hi John,
Here is a very good guide to overcoming scruples

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