How can I pray?

I’m pretty much a beginner. I have read a bit but don’t know how to put it in practice.

Can you please help me get started with praying?

Try this for starters:

Go to some websites…
Also, there’s a great book called…“The Prayer Primer”,Igniting a Fire Within" by Thomas Dubay…I got it on
God Bless you:)

Hi Midnight welcome!
I begin each day by making the sign of the cross.I place my left hand on my navel and with my right hand I touch the top of my head saying "In the name of the Father"then my right hand touches the middle of my chest and I say “and of the Son”
then my right hand touches each shoulder from left to right while saying “and of the Holy Spirit Amen”.
Making the sign of the cross is a prayer.Throughout my day I talk to God.This is also a form of prayer.God listens to the sincerity of your heart.By all means use prayer books to guide you with prayers such as the Lords prayer…Our Father,and Hail Mary and Glory be…
Also check out the Prayer Intentions Forum it is full of prayers.
Others have given you good advice.Good luck with begining praying.God loves you and is listening to your heart.

I approach prayer as a conversation. Yes, there are some prayers I say that are well practiced, and I DO pray the Lord’s prayer several times daily. But mostly, it’s a conversation.

On the way home from church today, it was “Dear Father, I want SO much for the world to know that I’m Catholic and proud. How can I do this?” Then, I was quiet, and listened.

I love praying.

Peace Be With You

Prayer is the lifting of our heart and mind towards God.

Thinking about God and wanting His presence in us is the begining of a more formal prayer life.

A simple prayer: “Come Holy Spirit.”

Another: “Jesus, I trust in You.”

God wants to come into us. He is waiting for the invitation.

Everything else follows our decision to invite God into our lives.

Hello…Good question for a young follower of Christ…When Christ died and resurrected the veil in the temple was torn…Jesus is now our High priest and allows us to bold approach the throne…He gives us the Lord’s prayer as a guide…We are to cast our cares to Him…How do we do that, we talk to Him like we talk to our best friend…Like any relationship communications is how we get to know one another…The Lord likes to hear from His children and we learn to be still and listen…Let me pray for you as an example…Start with praise, adoration and thankfulness:

Lord I magnify Your name…You are worthy of praise…I love you Lord and thank you for your faithfulness to me … Thank you for new mercies each morn…Lord I lift up my young friend to you, Help Him to see that we can just share with You the burdens that are on our hearts…Teach Him your ways and precepts as He hides Your word in his heart to keep from sin…Give him Your peace that passes understanding as He learns and draws closer to you…Jesus You are faithful and true as the word says…Thank you Holy Spirit as you search his heart…Lord protect him from the snares our enemy tries to catch. Lord thank your for Your faithfulness to me… Help us both to be your light and salt to those needing You around us…In the mighty name of Jesus I ask…Amen

Jesus gave us the outline:

Our Father who art in Heaven – He’s our daddy. Speak to Him like you would a loving father
Hallowed be thy name – He’s Holy, tell Him you know, and agree.
Thy kingdom come – we are subjects in His kingdom, and He’s a good king.
Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven – No matter what we pray for, ultimately it’s His will, whether we agree or not.
Give us this day our daily bread – We should ask for what we need on a daily basis.
Forgive us our trespass – confess, repent, repeat
As we forgive those who trespass against us – pray for your enemies.
Lead us not into temptation – pray that you are not tempted to sin.
And deliver us from evil – pray that if you are tempted, He give you the strength to resist.

Thanks Bro…I was going to do that same thing, but was already getting to long winded…Peace to you …May the Lord draw your closer and deeper in these days before His return…

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