How can I prepare kids for First Communion?


I am helping plan a second-grade retreat for the students who are going to receive First Communion. In the past they made bread, beaded crosses, watched a video, and got a tour of the church. This time my goal is to make it more of a learning experience, a retreat, a time to deepen their faith. Do you have any ideas? So far I’ve come up with making a holy card where they write a prayer they would say after receiving Communion. My second idea is to go in church and have them sit quietly and listen to the Last Supper reading. It is coming up soon. Side note: The director in charge doesn’t really give a lot of info to the kids about this sacrament and loves crafts.


It sounds then that you should focus on giving the kids the information they need about the Eucharist and let the director take care of the crafts. Why not create a game show in which the kids answer questions about religion in general and Communion in particular? You could use a “Jeopardy!” format, or, if the kids really haven’t been given much religious instruction, a “Wheel of Fortune” format (so that the answers are revealed in “Hangman” fashion). If the director thinks the kids are too young for those formats, try “Pictionary,” which will tap into this person’s love of crafts.

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