How can I prove that Intinction is allowed?


I was recieved into the Church at the Easter Vigil… one of the greatest nights of my life! Tonight, we had our first RCIA class of the Mystagogia period. Our coordinater asked how we each received the Body and/or Blood for the first time. I responded that I recieved the Host and also the Precious Blood from the Cup, but that I wished Intinction was available at our Parish. She said that intinction is not allowed, and I replied with “I’m pretty sure it is, but limits the use of Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers and people receiving on the hand, so maybe that’s why many Parishes don’t use it”, but she stood her ground, and told me to “Prove it!” I’m a Newbie, so I sure didn’t want to argue! Am I wrong? Is it in the CCC- I couldn’t find it. Your guidance is greatly appreciated.



The instruction from the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacrament, “Redemptionis Sacramentum,” states:

[103.] The norms of the Roman Missal admit the principle that in cases where Communion is administered under both kinds, “the Blood of the Lord may be received either by drinking from the chalice directly, or by intinction, or by means of a tube or a spoon”.As regards the administering of Communion to lay members of Christ’s faithful, the Bishops may exclude Communion with the tube or the spoon where this is not the local custom, though the option of administering Communion by intinction always remains. If this modality is employed, however, hosts should be used which are neither too thin nor too small, and the communicant should receive the Sacrament from the Priest only on the tongue.

[104.] The communicant must not be permitted to intinct the host himself in the chalice, nor to receive the intincted host in the hand. As for the host to be used for the intinction, it should be made of valid matter, also consecrated; it is altogether forbidden to use non-consecrated bread or other matter.

So there’s your documentation. Incidentally, I administer the Eucharist daily to the staff here at Catholic Answers by intinction.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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