How can I receive communion?

I have been a way from the Catholic Church for over 30 years. During that time, I was married and then divorced. I married again 12 years ago. Neither marriage was conducted within the Catholic Church. May I take the sacrament of communion? I was brought up under the teachings of the Catholic Church. As I find my way back to the church, I find myself feeling that the sacrament of communion will be an important part of this journey. Thank you.

If you are a Catholic and were married outside of the Church without permission, then your marriages are not considered valid.

The first thing you would need to do is straighten out your marriage situation. You need to have your first marriage declared null due to it being outside the Church (“lack of canonical form”). This is a simple process where you would simply provide proof that your marriage was outside the Church and the tribunal will automatically declare it null. Then you would need to have your current marriage validated in the Church. Once again a simple process.

Beyond that, all you would need is to make a good confession and you will be able to receive communion.

God bless.

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