How can I serve the church during RCIA?

I’m looking to get involved in service at my parish. I’m in RCIA now. What are some of the things I’m prohibited from doing? And what are some good ways to get involved beyond Sunday mass and my RCIA class? I’ve signed up to work at the nursery once a month already.


You’re already serving the Church by being part of RCIA. Presumably you’re encouraged to discuss what you are learning - that’s part of service too, encouraging and searching.
It’s admirable that you want to get even more involved though (and my hat goes off to you doing nursery work, I could never do it).

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Share your story about coming to the Catholic Church with as many people as possible that is Evangelization and that is greatly needed.


I know of no prohibition from anything in the church before getting confirmed, especially if you were baptized into the Catholic church, except for one thing- you cannot be a Eucharistic minister (people who pass out communion) because you have not yet confirmed your Catholic faith. You may not be able to become a priest or nun, but I’m not sure. You can be a cantor (singer/choir member) or altar server (depending on your church’s rules.) You can work in the nursery. Not sure about other limitations.

I believe , don’t quote me on this, but at our Church a reader has to be a full member of the Church.

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Liturgical ministries can wait, but that’s largely practical. At this point you want to become familiar and comfortable with being at Mass and participating in the prayers without worrying about other responsibilities.

If your parish has a social justice ministry that could be a great way to get involved. Work with other people who serve the Lord by serving the needs of others. Assisting with teen ministry could also be a great place to get involved. Teens are often at an age where they don’t really know why they want to be part of the Church or prepare for confirmation. They might find it inspiring to see an adult willing to make the effort to become part of the Church they already belong to.

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You might find it rewarding to volunteer to help at the food bank, either in your parish, or a neighboring parish…they’d be glad to have you.

Different social functions are certainly open. Participating in the parish festival, calling numbers at the parish bingo, making pirogi for a parish dinner should all be open to you even if you aren’t fully initiated yet.

You could be an usher
You could greet people as they come in to mass
You could join the Saint Vincent de Paul Society and help serve the poor
You could help the person who arranges the flowers on the altar
Does the church need help with landscaping? cut the grass? is there a garden?

I’ve been doing this since I was in RCIA. We make and distribute sandwiches, drinks and snacks to anyone who knocks on the door of the priest’s house (two two-hour sessions every day, 5 days a week). I only do one morning a week, but I feel it’s a practical way to help the poor of our parish and certainly something you can begin in RCIA.

The main delay for me was the time it took getting criminal records clearance, which is needed because we are dealing with vulnerable people.

You can volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul.

I very much agree with this- RCIA members are amazing youth ministers

TALK to your RCIA Instructors

They likely know the opportunities in YOUR oarish

Pray very much for yourself, your fellow RCIA members and the RCC

God Bless you,

I’m pretty much echoing what others have said.

Service oriented ministries and social groups are probably your best bet right now. You are already working in the nursery. Your parish probably has lots of other charitable/social justice ministries. Your parish bulletin and/or website will give you some ideas and contacts (if your RCIA leaders have not already done so.)

You could look into attending a bible study or prayer meeting if your parish has those.

As far as liturgical ministries, some things are going to depend on whether you are a catechumen or a candidate for full initiation. If you are a catechumen I do not recommend even considering such ministries until after you have been baptized. If you are already baptized then you might be able to join the choir or be an usher/greeter (because those roles are really just extensions of being part of the assembly). But at this time you really should be careful not to take on something that keeps you from being able to concentrate on the Mass. (There are enough distractions at Mass already.)

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