How can I serve the Church with a Political Science degree

What can I do in service of God and his Church with a Political Science degree?

You could work in government.

(I’m serious!)

There are lots of people who work behind the scenes to enact and enforce policy at all levels, from your municipality to your county, state, and federal. Morally upstanding people are very much needed!

By also delving into moral theology and translating that into political awareness in our cynical age, increasing voter knowledge in the area of Christian doctrine. At the same time, avoid the pitfall of being drawn into worldly detours away from the fullness of revealed truth. I speak here of the caricatures of belief such as the social gospel, liberation theology or subsets of the faith, i.e. disordered priorities toward “social justice” issues - if they can even be properly defined. Social and political justice issues, at the expense of the Gospel, risk becoming the idol of our age. To that end, here is an excellent piece by Monsignor Charles Pope on the dangers of pursuing what man sees as justice, while neglecting the Gospel of Christ.

if you have the means, go to law school. You can set up a practice that defends religious rights or go on to be a judge and protect everyone’s rights under the Constitution. You could also teach Political Science to Jr. and Sr. High School students, so they have a clear understanding of the Constitution and how our government is supposed to work.

And the proper relationship between Church and State. Not the current political atmosphere that is trying desperately to throw religion under the bus!


I graduated with a Political Science degree as well and am currently pursuing my Masters in Moral Theology. I would say the two go pretty well hand-in-hand. My ultimate goal is to work for faith-based initiatives and do some advocacy for the Church within the political sector. I’m not sure what area you are from, but I would suggest that you look up some faith-based businesses or non-profits and find a few whose mission interests you. You may even consider talking to the priests at your parish to see if they may have some connections or ideas for you. Good luck!

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